[In Depth review] REMOTE for bluetooth hover board io hawk Uwheel

Im displaying how the distant appears to be like on this video, and all its options


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  1. I love how the key is like a Porche key

  2. Oh nevermind just read some comments might actually need the remote if I want it to go fast I might not but thanks anyway

  3. Mulțumiri, this really helped I don't think I would need the remote for my Bluetooth hoverboard now 🙂

  4. Does it come with a bluetooth remote on any bluetooth swrgway

  5. The short beep changes the mode from begginer to advance, acceleration and steering is much slower in begginer.

  6. Does it have bluetooth,because I have the same one and Idk if I have bluetooth

  7. last button isn't short beep is mode changer fast mode/slow mode slow mode for home fast mode for park

  8. come on the 4th button has to actually do something

  9. what website did you buy this from

  10. Umm the bolt (your short beep) isn't just a beep it's changed modes so for beginners mode (slower turning and only 12.5 Mph) or advance (faster turning 14mph

  11. He didnt say what they dothe bottom one you grt off the board and press it and it makes it spin faster or slower. there is a begginer level u can set it to and a expert. i still havnt found out what the bell is used for

  12. What is the website I would like to buy one

  13. what is the website name u got it

  14. does your wheel turn hot when your done using it?

  15. When it is locked does it still wast battery

  16. the last button on the remote, which you call it the "short beep button" is for changing the mode of the swegway, from normal mode to boost mode !

  17. Mines don't connect to Bluetooth and my on an off button don't work on the Hoverborad any suggestions?

  18. My fob is the same but it's not working I tried everything tell me how to pair or fix this 😫

  19. remote control doesn't work, is there a way to pair to with the wheel?

  20. Which Chinese website did you buy this from?

  21. Is it possible to ride the hoverboard without the lights ?

  22. The long beep is the horn and the short one changes the mode on mine. Fast mode and slow mode

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