Skid steer I've done lots of videos on this before you guys can check it out on youtube. If you want to see more about the control panel and full size, skid steer I've got a cat. 2. 4. 2 D I've got a pretty bad back injury, where I can tear muscles pretty easily, even though I do stretches and lots of water and all that neat stuff, so a full size. Radio control, skid steer for me allows me to be inside the cabin I'm feeling. Ok, but when I've got you know some bad back issues, I can run it by radio control, so that's pretty cool access granted. Oh, I do have a smooth edge bucket, but because I'm still forming and shaping I'm going to use the bucket that eats on it. Azi, this really is an artsy adventure: Aplauze, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzică muzicală. Some of you may have never seen an artiste gets there before. This is one of caterpillars new things with a smart iron, no one in the cab, hahaha, ok, so hairpin, looking pretty good may. As well go get the truck and bring it back to the shop, so I can fix it Music.