installing jeep patriot remote starter kit

sure, i notice this automobile already had a manufacturing facility distant starter. We simply used it to make the video on the best way to set up the equipment on a automobile and not using a distant starter.


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  1. Eu am o 14 patriot with manual locks will it work

  2. Thanx. took 15 mins after watching this video.

  3. Do you still sell this and what's the exact name of the kit so I can look up independent reveiws

  4. Where do I get this remote starter?

  5. Would this kit work on a 2010 jeep compass?

  6. Eu am o 2014 Patriot with manual locks. If I install an aftermarket power lock system, should the key fob still work the same with this kit?

  7. Why would you add a system to the car when it already has one OEM? Just curious

  8. If you are trying to add a remote starter without having a keyless entry key fob will the programming be different?

  9. So there is no more wires to be connected? Only those 2 ?

  10. Where could I buy that exact remote start system? Including the key.

  11. da, the blower motor(fan) will come on with remote starter, so whatever position you leave your controls that is how it will be when it remote starts. heat in the winter, or A/C in the summer to cool off the interior.
    it will not turn on defrost unless you have a switch to leave your defrost on. most cars only have a momentary push switch that you must push to actiavate the defrost and it only stays on until you either turn it off, or you turn the car off.

  12. If you turn on the defrost and fan do they turn on with the remote start when you activate it?

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