Kyosho Mini Z Track Approval w/ Maurice & KK3 2017 SUPER CAR Race Highlights | RC AVENTURI

(Racing begins at 3:42)The Kyosho Kup 3 was held today at the RCSparks Studio race trackand my Son Maurice, (Morris), wanted to inspect all of the new changes prior to the race beginning. He is now 3 Years old, and has been learning much about the hobby, and vehicles in general. I know so many folks here follow my show and have wanted an update with our Son, to see what kind of little guy he is growing up to be! I cherish these moments as a father and feel blessed and honored to be able to experience thisand share it with our viewers. Many of you have been with us since Maurice has been born, or even before!

As Maurice inspects the changes for today, he seems to approve of the track theme and the props being used. He tests out the collection of excavators and landscaping equipment, and keeps it in top mechanical shape. Safety first! Once we are readyfolks arrive and we get right in to the race!

These Kyosho Mini Z cars are phenomenal racing machines and my friends and are are really starting to get the hand of them. For todays race I wanted to film it in scale-realism, doing my best to get you right in the action. The added sounds are from real Super Car racing, and I know this film will peak your interest in Mini Z Car Racing!


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