This is like an amphibious car. It can attack all terrain, dirt rocks snow grass and water. It can drive on water, so let’s get unboxing. The only thing you’re gon na need is two aaa batteries and a screwdriver Music. Oh Muzica. I thank you. I know the moment. We’Ve all been waiting for how it performs on water turn. It back. Muzica, come back, come back in Music, now we’re gon na bring it on the dirt bike, let’s trap. If we can bring it over, the Applause turn uh. ok, i think i’m gon na need a little more speed, see if i can make it over the top soil. Almost there uh. Oh try it again come on all right, see if you can do it slowly and see if you can make it over each one. All right level, one level, Doi, oh you crashed on level three let’s. Do it again level one complete level, two up nope, one more time level, one level two! Oh, you know what let’s see if he can go down the topsoil now let’s go over to the rugged pallets. What this was epic it drove in the water. It was so cool. I can’t wait until we do more videos on it.