Most Common Remote Starter Problem.


From my expertise that is the most typical distant starter challenge, fortunately it’s a simple repair, and you are able to do it your self.


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  1. thanks my car now has a remote starter again!

  2. Do you have the technique for factory remote start?

  3. It worked for me. Got into valet mode some how. Went to the dealership where I bought the truck and they made me an appointment three days out. WHY didn't they ask me if it was in valet mode ??????? because MONEY. Thank you very much

  4. Thank you so much My starter remote was broken I needed to solder on a new switch for one of the buttons but then after that it was just locking and unlocking this brought it back to life!

  5. I have a Viper 4105v How do I program it to stop chirping when I push the lock and unlock buttons?

  6. Thank you so, so much! This was just what I needed to get it going again.

  7. God Bless you for this video. Ironic, I was headed out to get my oil changed @ the dealer.I thought there was something wrong with the chip in one of my keys. I thought the last time this happened, that I figured out the problem. The 5 start trick worked. Liked-Subbed-Shared::))

  8. Many Thanks for this helpful video!!! It has got me back on track twice without an expensive trip to a service centre!

  9. Does it work on a 2015 mustang gt ?

  10. try to do the second option in my truck but I have the engine light on the dash and I think that's why it does not work

  11. What about pontiac g 6 tried both was d i dont work

  12. Bună, how do i change the run time on a 2015 GMC factory remote start so it runs longer than 10 minute?

  13. Thanks man your comment about restarting and cycling the car 5 times saved my butt.! Un video minunat

  14. What if you have a push start ignition and remote start fab only has one button

  15. Any help from anyone. Have an 04 Mustang with aftermarket remote start. Heat/AC would always work when using remote start and fan blower comes on fine with whatever I had it manually set to. Now the AC/Heat won't come on with remote start until I actually go in the car and turn ignition to ON. Any ideas why it might not be working suddenly? (Worked fine past 3yrs I've had the car)

  16. Does this work with the 2 way viper Alarm?

  17. I have a Chevy implode 08 n the unluck n lock button work but I'm not able to automatic start my car? What can I do

  18. Mulțumiri! Worked like a charm , definitely saved me time 👌🏼😎

  19. changed battery in car and remote and remote still not working any troubleshooting idea's?

  20. Nice it did work with the 5 times on off thx man

  21. Thanks so much for postingmy niece borrowed car and since will not remote startNOW it does!!…THANKS again!!

  22. My problem is I put new led turn signals on my equinox and I can start the vehicle nut I cant remotely unlock it now.

  23. Can somebody help me with yupiteru remote engine starter error?

  24. Vă mulțumesc, domnule.…GOT IT

  25. salut. Eu am o 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT 4×4. When I bought it last summer I tried the factory remote start. Well everything works except turning it over. I hear a click by the dashboard but that's all plus when I unlock it the only light that comes on is the cargo light no marker or headlights nor horn but when I lock it all lights flash along with horn. I like to know why it won't start the truck? Any idea's be greatly appreciated Thanks.

  26. Unreal . Worked slick as sand.. I can just see the dealer telling Grandma "That will be $198 your remote is now fixed

  27. What about for a vehicle that has push button start?

  28. Omg you are so f@#$& uimitor!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!

  29. I usto be a dei installer why would the alarm go into val by itself

  30. To get my 2011 Hyundai Tuscon out of Valet mode I had to turn key to on position, then press unlock on remote control. Hope this helps someone.

  31. Bam,thankyou ,who wood uh thunk it,worked

  32. Grozav video, cycling the key 5 times for a santa fe did the job of taking it off valet mode. 2nd time that this video has saved me. Now I have a command start again.

  33. Does this works for the Honda civic 2018?

  34. Why would my alarm come on for no reason with horn alarm instead of the usual alarm sound? How do I shut off the car alarm sound, after activation, false or otherwise. In my instruction manual, it makes no mention how to shut off alarm. compustar = 2w705R-sh

  35. Q: my remote start when the remote next to the car like between 3 la 5 feet only no farther than that !!! It wasn't like that last winter, so what should I do?

  36. I have no ideas why my remote starter won't start the engine after a car wash in winter time? If anyone know, please leave comments for me thank you!

  37. Mulțumesc .. it worked on my 2013 f-150.

  38. Yay! îţi mulţumesc atât de mult!

  39. You are a life saver I tries three clicks and that didn't work but 5 did it.

  40. i have key Fob and Viper remote my car is not auto start can yo help me

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