My BMW Remote iPhone App Walkthrough

Are you questioning how the My BMW Distant iPhone app works to your BMW? Try a walkthrough video exhibiting how the app works for a 2012 BMW three Sequence 328i.


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  1. this application work in all the world or only in Europe

  2. Wow! SO this is how the app helped a couple recover their BMW!

  3. I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS but this app is very slow, I do understand that you are using the BMW ASSIST via the mobile network to communicate with the vehicle ….I don't think this is the most efficient approachwhat you need is a ODB2 connector/wifi or Bluetooth and customize this app to communicate via wifi (Rapid) or Bluetooth (a little slower than wifi) to unlock all the cool features that come with your car. THERE IS SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM FOR YOU ….. DONT GIVE UPKEEP WORKING AT IT …. you are demoing the app on itunesyou forgot to mention the name of the app —> if you need someone to test the app for you and provide you with constructive and positive feedback …. email me "bagatrouble@Gmail.com"

  4. pointless showing the wait time. einsten

  5. you are the first and only man who explain this properly. Mulțumiri.

  6. I would have definitely gone for it, had it had remote start

  7. Why doesn't BMW make an effort to impart this knowledge to its customers ?

  8. This remind me of that movie Fast And Furious 7 …Too Slow!!😂😂😂😂

  9. "to a minute" to unlock? Hahahaha….

  10. BMW is the best at making a driver's car. However when it comes to technology and gadgets, they are way behind. The IDrive, while MUCH improved, is still nowhere near as functional and user friendly as some of the Japanese cars. The database in points of interest is extremely limited. And if you need to enter physical address, it takes forever. You are much better off simply using your smartphone.

  11. Wow…what a complete piece of suck

  12. this app is garbage just like the uconnect app

  13. Tried the app on my Samsung S6 and it doesn't work at all….

  14. That doesn't even seem handy!!! With ur wifi connection it took forever!!!

  15. Having paid for the connecteddrive to be in the car, asking for another 350€ just for "Basic Services" is very cheeky. After the 350 € you can start buying additional apps…. without that all you can do is lookup your car on a map.

  16. I love to send to maps feature. Too hard to enter address in the BMW. This makes it so much easier. Really cool.

  17. "extremely" useful? Not really

  18. but who cares if its slow.. this would be great for loosing your keys or locking them inside or something like that. Not for frequent uses.

  19. Its pretty bad when the app takes enough time to startle you with the horn, watch the camera jump, @ 1:41

  20. slow as fuck whats the point?

  21. Awesome video one thumbs up by me but its is necessary to have internet connection or its only need Bluetooth?

  22. Great technology. But it's too slow. 20-60 seconds response. Hmmmm

  23. This app is making me regret buying this BMW. I just purchased the new 750i and have been nothing but disappointed with BMW customer support. Especally the a-holes a BMW assist!

    Can anyone explain to me how to unlock the "secret knowledge portal"in the USA? Nobody at BMW can….

    First and last BMW for me….rather have a lexus, ford or any other POS instead.

  24. I believe you could set your vehicle temperature before getting to it, I don't see it in your demo. Can you comment on this functionality if you do have it? Would you need internet connection or does the car start automatically when you preheat?

  25. Great demo, but terrible app.

  26. IF the app had more functionality it would be worth it. At least a remote start with climate control capabilities. it costs $199/year for BMW assist after the first year is free. Can't justify the added expense. Xm/serius sat radio is also a waste of money. Same music over and over. And now with unlimited cell data plans I just stream internet radio that has same music with little to no commercials.

    I got xm radio renewed for $50 for the year when I called them to cancel and so I kept it for another year after the free 1st year. I told them I have unlimited data and will just stream music over Bluetooth…. they offered me that deal after saying that.

    Xm is a waste. They can offer you better price if you ask for it. They broadcast the signal anyway just activate your esn to receive it. So its bs. laugh out Loud

    Even if you dong have unlimited datathe money you save by cancelling you BMW assist and xm radio plan you can put that money towards a bigger data plan.

    Also BMW nav's are garbage as most car navi's are. I use Google maps or maps on the iPhone and its way better and voice guidance works through the Bluetooth. I only use the idrive display for the visuals.

    BMW can do better than this a hand held Garmin is much better than the BMW nav app.

    Just my .20 cents lol

  27. do you need to have a sim card in your car for this to work?

  28. @CE750 no one cares and i bet that no one ask you either.

  29. my Chevy has a better app than my $70K 5 seriescome on BMW

  30. this app sucks, i use it on my 5series, and it works maybe a third of the time, and by the time i ever get anything to work i can just remote start my car, and wait and hear my locking noise, and the the start up.

  31. you cant unlock the car anymore. You are directed to an 800 number and theyll remotely unlock it for you. It's to prevent anyone from doing it from your phone.

  32. loves how he s*its himself when the horn goes off!! 😀

  33. fuck me what a waste of time…laugh out Loud

  34. man, that is really something I do not need.

  35. I couldnt stop lauphing from the second the horn sounded till the end of this video, man that camera man must have jumped like a cat lol

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