NEW Advanced Keys Remote Start, Push Start, Smart Keyless Entry System Lexus IS300


The NEW Superior Keys AK104B Distant Begin + Push Begin Ignition + Good Keyless Entry System put in onto my Lexus IS300 that includes:

Good Keyless Locking/Unlocking
Compact Sized Good Keys
Twin-Antenna Setup
Bypass Transponder RFID Playing cards
Car Anti-Theft Perform
Ignition Managed Lock/Unlock
Auto Car Battery Energy Saving
Door-Not-Closed Reminder
Good Key Battery Low Reminder
Locking-Delay Perform
Push Begin Ignition Operation
OEM Toyota Push Begin Button
One-Contact Engine Tach Ignition
Distant Begin Perform
Elective Auto Window Closing

For a full complete evaluation of the system, please watch my different video right here: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=tR-cZqpbFyM

* the music used on this video will not be mine and is copyrighted to their respective homeowners
F.I.R. – „Lydia
The Fray – „Learn how to Save a Life
Howie Day – „Collide

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22 Comentarii
  1. Hey man, you still have the IS300? I just got mine, and I'm really excited for the build!

  2. Is this available for maruti brezza in India? I would like to order one please…?

  3. Hey where did you get that Illuminated door skill ??

  4. Can you please tell me what is the range of the remote control?

  5. any update? is it still running fine??

  6. Do you still have this system? does it still work after all that time?

  7. Why would I want to push and hold a button for two to three seconds when I could just turn my key to the left and pull outThis system takes more time then a basic key does

  8. How easy is insall this system? Because my ignition lock cylinder is broken

  9. How did you handle the wheel lock? Did you disable it or cut your key and leave it in the ignition?

  10. Do the doors lock as you walk away from the vehicle or do you need to press a button on the door handle or fob?

  11. Did you have to touch the door handle to unlock the doors or did they unlock as you approached it??

  12. Where can i buy this headlight i cant find them

  13. will you ask him if he could help me figure it out.. my e mail is randyknight at hot..mail

  14. will you please ask him if he is willing to help me out with this? maybe he would be willing to email me back and forth or callAdvanced keys hasn't answered my emails about this.. randyknight@hotmail.com

  15. how did you get the car to unlock after you remote start it? when i remote start my 05 IS300 it wont unlock the doors when i approach it nor when i press unlock on the fob.. the park lights flash like its sending the signal to unlock but it doesnt unlock the doors. If you can help by telling me how you got your IS300 to do this it would help me alot.. Mulțumiri

  16. OPPS. Now I remembered. What did you use to eliminate the imobilizer

  17. I'm sure you get this question a lot but I cAn not find any one who's asked you yet, did you have to break off the key in the Ignition for the steering wheel not to lock

  18. turns out the push start controller box was not sending the start signal, i emailed advanced keys and they r going to exchange it right away, like i said before everything else works so far im happy with the product and the customer service. Ill be making a video on my 350z once i get the new box.

  19. so I installed the system and everything works except the start…. double and triple checked the wiring and nothing…. not sure if its the programming part, i cant get it to start…. emailed support waiting on response….

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