Pairing a Viper 2-way remote.

Pairing a Viper 2-way distant.

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  2. Hi I just got this remote I’ve noticed that before you paired the remote it had an unlocked signal. And then locked it after paired. Mine is not paired yet also to my car but it shows locked. Dosent seem to be connected to any other car. It’s there anyway to show unlocked before I go install my system at Best Buy?

  3. My remote is currently working although it's been dropped a few times and has seen better days. If I buy a new one and pair (or more accurately, attempt to pair) the new fob to the system, is there any danger that the old fob will become inactivated? e.g. can I have more than one fob paired to the system?

  4. It didn’t work for me, My old system was a clifford 7351X. The control center light just stays solid

  5. Thanks worked on my first try.

  6. Followed the tutorial, mine keeps showing failed

  7. How do I pair it to my cell?

  8. Can anyone tell me , if you can pair two remotes to the same vehicle . Presently I get a " pairing failed " message on the second remote.

  9. You have to push and hold lock 😒

  10. Thank you it made it so much more simpler then going through my husband!

  11. Wow this was really helpful! I lost my manual book so I didn’t know how to fix it myself, mulțumesc!!

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  13. Vă mulțumim pentru video, it sure helped!

  14. It did work! Thanks for sharing this video!

  15. Thanks alot saved me a trip to my sound shop wasn't working for 3 weeks cheers!!!!

  16. BIG help man!!!! Thanks a million👍👌

  17. Awesome. Thanks for your help! Worked like a charm!

  18. I also have a BMW X5 but everywhere is saying i cant put a remote start on it. How did you put the viper on yours? Any special equipment? Also did you have to leave 1 key in the car?

  19. Could you tell me how to pair my Viper 7756 to car #2?

  20. Same remote. Follow the steps in video exactly, I get a pair FAILED message. Any thoughts?

  21. My remote doesn't have the led screen but on the back it says 2 way? Should I use this method???

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