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Pioneer ARC (Superior Distant Management) permits you to entry varied music sources out of your sensible telephone reminiscent of iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

You can even management particular head unit capabilities reminiscent of controlling radio capabilities like choosing a station or preset, band, and controlling a CD.

Suitable Pioneer merchandise:


Music by Jeff Kaale: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale


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  1. This is the worst piece of shit it barely worked once now it says its waiting for Bluetooth connections witch its had since day 1 garbage complete garbage if u use Android it does not work for it

  2. Hey i just download it and i want to ask..can arc work wireless?

  3. Awesome. I can control my pioneer now.

  4. How can i open the stored contacts in ARC? While trying the app for the 1st time, suddenly ma contact list was open IN arc. unfortunately, i do not remember what i pressed for itant till now, i didn't find it out, how i can open my contacts again arc

  5. You don't say if you can control audio settings, parameters, eq, filtre, fader…etc… It's the only think i want to know

  6. Do you have to have it connected only through usb

  7. Try that on German Autobahn @ 150 Mph! noroc.

  8. install on cell phone app,purchase s5010bt download.

  9. How did u download other apps on arc

  10. i have a big problem.. my pioneer player is placed in the glovebox in order to save the original interior design. the app works great but there is a problem. i can only control the volume through the app.. i cannot adjust the volume with my iphone buttons via bluetooth. that is really annoying is there a solution?

  11. I got a Pioneer MVH- 190UB, can not make a good connection, the music falters

  12. So…. whats the deal with the current head units that are advertising "improved arc app compatibility"?
    Curious cause last time i tried to give it another go, there hadn't been anything updated on the app since…. uhm… … … hmmyea..

    I really did want the app to work, and when it did, it seemed like a good starting point with potential. So if the only improvement is the ability to connect more frequently (than i could with my last couple units) to an abandoned music player, then i guess that feature can be disregarded then, dreptul de?

  13. how do i create the playlists?please help

  14. ce (third party) apps are compatible with ARC on android? I have got a few podcast apps, but ARC does not recognize any of these apps, only 'Google Play Music'.

  15. This app is good but Sony had better idea by putting a screen menu when a person can choose what to do whitout touching the mobile.i hope Pioneer increase that whit new update

  16. Any music app on android works just fine dont have to install the arc app for music play back.(with bluetooth conection)

  17. How is this the first time im hearing about this app?!?!? And will this app work on my iPad?

  18. okay so I use this with android. And music plays through Google play music. But nothing comes up on the arc app? I want to be able to skip track with the actual CD player.. anybody have any ideas?

  19. I can indeed use two fingers to control the volume for the radio. Maybe it's a later change to the app or something.

  20. Hi.How can I listen music through spotify?I connect my phone but can't play any of the music

  21. Do the controls and ARC work with bluetooth connection or do I need cable for it?

  22. This app does not work for me. I always either get and error message on my radio or it will say "error 19". I've tried different cables and even restarting my phone. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy s7 and I have the deh-x1900ub radio.

  23. Will ARC work with any app? I'd like to use Hoopla over USB.

  24. When I connect my ARC to my radio, I can hear music from my phone but the map navigations on my phone do not work. When I look at the set up in the ARC it says device is not connected. But then how is it able to receive calls and play music? It is connected but the navigation apps don't seem to connect. Any suggestions?

  25. it is not compatible with DEH-5600HD

  26. buna,i have a question that this arc app is full compatiable with deh-x5800bt as mhv-x380bt ? I mean if i buy 5800bt can i use the functions via bluetooth(as pandora,soundcloud,music)or just with the usb cable.because i know x380bt can be used without usb cable with the arc app for android phones.

  27. one of the guys at audio express showed me an app where you could play music aswell as change the color of the deck and i cant find any apps that do that. any ideas?

  28. Thanks for this. My DEH-X8800BHS is in the mail. Can you use any lightning cable or do you have to use the ridiculously expensive one from pioneer?

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