I thought you'd want to have a look at this, because I know that you're gon na love this kaboom right here. Let me get closer, I paid 6.99 for this u.s., cred, might have been 5.99 don't worry it's, just the packaging look at this. Let me get out of the way so it'll focus on it. Look it I'll change it like that. This is a scale engine. Now it does not work, it is just for looks now: it's got the hosing on it. It'S got the none of this turns, but the one cool thing it does is open and close the front valves all right. Now I figured with something like this. I would do a very cool build and so I've been collecting all these parts for months and all these parts were for the Beast now: I'm, always planning months ahead, trying to figure out what we're going to do in the winter season spring fall. That kind of idea that's why I wanted to do this build now, so with this part that I've been holding on to since August, I think I want to show you what makes this so cool let's bring in the camera a little bit all right. So this little tiny scale accessory, forgive my fingers. I'Ve been working on trucks all day all stained up, but this little accessory right here I thoughtwas too much just over the top for the six dollars that I paid for it they're about, especially with these.

What can I get to focus, especially with the braided cables? The valve covers that have been done well and, desigur, this belt up front. Now this is RC. Pentru mine, I put any engine into any vehicle. I don't really have a brand war or a proprietary issue, because everything usually fits together, but let me show you something fun that you can add to this, that I got from an idea back from a competitor and the axle twisters 2009 TTC I've always wanted to Do something like this for my audience? ok, so drillbit noticed here on the valve covers right here. They have these four points now I'm, not going for a scale neskowin for coolness hollow so you're able to drill in to a point it's gon na be for these right beside them. I think ride makers actually has a website didn't, look it up there. We go all eight fifties out of the way give my engine and blow there we go now. What I always like seeing was some sort of originality. Let me grab my bag originality in creativity in making your vehicles your own here is a little piece of wire. I had for an electric tester. I don't really use it anymore, a voltmeter, so I'm gon na use this wire and cable off of uh off of this piece red wire. You know the gauge is pretty small small enough, but still going to be pretty cool. Now my whole goal for this is to actually get some spark plug wires or you know, even though it might not be perfect, make it look like spark plug wires.

Why not something so simple Eric kind of fits in the hole? Prim, one is gon na be the longest the way I would do it so I'll put it I'll just kind of dry fit it put it in the hole there that's what she said, kind of loop it and bring it to the back. Now you see that there's a reason why I'm doing this? This is an imaginary motor or yeah, so I'm gon na do something pretty imaginary. Just gon na cut that off the other thing I'm gon na do is screw hole or drill a hole right into the back. You can see there's two little stars, they're just gon na drill right in the middle. I know unrealistic, but still for a toy and using imagination, still pretty cool. The reason why I've done this is just so. I can hide the end okay. So now I want that whole thing to run perfect, acum: I'm, not going to do this and drill in every single one. Evident, because number one, I would need more wire, which I do have, but things get shorter as you move down the line so I'll just do this one sorry, my hands in the way kind of spread it out good I'm gon na cut it right right. There good another one say creativity: bine, you guys got to do, is look around and see what's available I'm, always on the hunt for new and cool scale accessories.

ştii, and this when I got this for six six bucks big score on that one. Nwo, all of these to make sure that's in the hole all of these are secured by pushing it into these holes. The only thing I have to do now get my fingers out of the way is we did have that one that I push through the back way back here. Let me getting closer okay, the rest of these I kind of want to just bunch up, because this is gon na be facing the rear of the vehicle. Oricum, you see that I'm gon na drop some glue in there right now of all things, it's going to be tire glue, pretty simple stuff tire glue, sticky, sticky, sticky so I'm, not going to use too much because it's all plastic on plastic, and I only need The DAB, a DAB, will do you, there we go and if you want you can give the the the wires a DAB. But I don't really even need to because I'm not going to be giving this a lot of abuse. We can just kind of stay stuck in there now. What do you think that's, nu prea rău, hey tada. Now I love this because this has the ability to have a servo attached to it for the throttle, that's. What I came up with, but it's so small I'm gon na, have to build a custom wire and a Y cable to make it.

When I push the throttle on the receiver and the wheel start to go that it opens these valves now, I'm gon na do this on the other side, but just to keep today's video kind of short I'm going to show you one that's already completed and installed All right you wanted it, you got it there, you go the beasts not quite completed yet I'm. Still waiting on parts. It'Ll take a couple of weeks to get to me. de exemplu, the front steering link right I'm having one custom made, so we can get around the front axle with these high steering links or high steering knuckles. I also have fresh Delrin links being produced right now by a blue monkey. I think is where I'm getting them from, if he gets them to me in time to help change out this. The the sitting of these axles, de exemplu, I want to get rid of this bend down here in this drive shaft, because it's too much of an extreme angle, you can see that this one's, totally okay, there's barely any angle at all, but because of the links Are too short here it kind of clocks, my axle inand I get this you know almost not a 90 degree angle by far, but about at least a 70 anyway check it out. o, da, my painting, my paintings not done don't worry, please don't freak out. I'Ve just started getting some rust color on there, but what do you think I know you can't see.

Let me get you in there come on come on there. We go now behind the fuel cell behind the cage there's the motor now I'll change this around I'll show you a proper way here. We go okay, so there's the motor and, if I can sorry guys, it's inside the cage, already alright I'll change it back. This way you can see it. I have not set up the servo okay, everybody who's asking me about this cut area for the tubing. Don'T worry I'm gon na be rephrasing this area just to go around the mount. I had to put it in there simply to get my dual motors in there now, the esthetic motor that does not work it's, not a functioning it's, just for appearance. Let me back up again, you guys get a better look, Da! ok! Now one of the things I did was put in a plate at the bottom. Acolo te duci, you can see it right there, a big plate here now I want to have this motor do something than just be looked at, so what I did was. I took one of my hex wrenches here. Let me get you even in even closer I'm, the one adjusting the camera so sorry for the non smoothness ah come on focus there we go let's, get anything a little bit more okay! So right here this is an extension of the slipper clutch. This is the nut that normally I would attach the slipper clutch to.

But what I did was I took one of my wrenches hex wrenches. Where is one I can't find one, but you guys know what I'm talking about just the normal wheel wrench I put this whole engine on velcro check it out. Kaboom, I can fly it out. ok, I drilled a hole right in the end of this. Just in a little bit right, just like a boat well, you can see right there, five five centimeters, maybe or 5 centimeters five millimeters, but there is the driveshaft sticking out now when the truck actually rolls. So does that shaft move right because it's on the slipper clutch, so I figured cool I could drop this in on on velcro, come on lift it up get on. There got ta line it up perfect there we go so when it's like that, now it's mounted back it up the little screen again and when it goes back and forth so does see the engine rumbles a bit hard to see guys. Sorry because I don't have it in here right now, let me back it up a little bit more for you see if that'll help straighten up these tires. Here we go yeah there we go, you can see the engine move a little bit and that shaft is spinning coming from the base of the engine, so it gives us a little bit of reality. Îmi pare rău, I know my cameraman ship on that was pretty lame yeah, but to show you yeah also, everyone was asking me about the battery.

Is the battery gon na fit in there? Let me see blammo there. It is big three cell Jen's ace: five thousand milliamp battery got tons of power, what's the discharge rate on it, forty C so plenty of power to push out to these dual Tekin 35 S. I have not done the receiver I'm waiting for the receiver in the mail again it's gon na take at least a week to get here. So we probably won't be revisiting this truck right away for at least a week, because then I'll do the wiring and I'll. Do the ESC and the receiver check it out? Yesterday'S video, I had Everett on the on the forklift for the first time. This is the winch that he was pulling around. I it is the RC four wheel drive bulldog. I believe it is yeah. I believe I believe it is how many times can I say that haha and I don't have the winch controller for it yet I'm, actually ordering the wireless one rat and now again it just takes time to get to me. Deci, with all the parts that I'm waiting for right now, we're gon na have to kind of put this one on hold. Don'T worry I've got another project. I can start on here right away, something we can take outside Vera sooner than later, and everything should work out. Ah stay there. Do that it's, nu e rău, destul de bine. I love this engine in the back.

I think it's a great feature. Oh, let me see here. Dun dun: bine, we got to mount up the front posts and then the side posts a full extension full lift. Here you go.