Neither on to two cells in series. With my ghetto connector, we can run a single force, help nice, hei, CTG, sticker yeah. I got the Carla's on the front. Ct jeez, they're, awesome way to support, looks like a beast great straight away: Da, hei, hei! Hei! I like your place here, that's a crazy rooster tail! Oh, on the other side, glad dollars on film. Oh, bine! Now you got to go down to the gates. You can walk across it, but you did say you were willing to swim. Minunat, drăguţ, Uh, Huh, closer hi, that's raining. The sound of it is just incredible: whoa that's, a lotta splash, Oh, Oh, băiat, that engine motor must be hot. Asta a fost minunat. Bărbat, good driving yepthat was awesome, great job, that motor must be incredibly hot right now. Yeah batteries will be very warm.