I just finished opening the cellophane let's have a look at the side. This particular body set is part numbers ed B, as in boy zero, zero, zero, seven it's gray instruction book, the original trail, finder 2 comes with a yellow body. This has a nice flat gray, almost as a primer windshield has lexan covering or pardon me it. It has a plastic covering the lexan and the rear of the truck the box box. Ok, so I've done one of these before I made a replica of the top gear to kill a Toyota Hilux, everyone has seen that trail finder that I've done. de fapt, I showed it earlier in this series, but now it's time to get into the parts parts bag all the chrome pieces, the bumper I won't need these right now set these off to the side same with the dashboard, but well I what I do need. ok, this is the dash and steering rack. This is the front where the headlights go. Here is the back of the truck. This is an insert piece right here: we're gon na paint. All of these together get rid of these. I don't need these right now. Now a lot of people have asked me to do, pictură, tutorials and they always say it's too advanced, even though I haven't done too much advanced stuff. We'Ll start with something simple, three pieces we need. One of the things I have to do, desigur, is cut this middle piece out.

You want to make sure to cut the area, so you can cover the exposed part with paint. Now a lot of folks actually can use this to hold on to it and paint around it today, I'm, going to do that. I'Ll cut this out at the end and paint over the open areas with my spray paint can later. This is one piece you want to make sure to go around check that there's, no burs pieces that are sticking out that you don't need looks pretty good. The mold was done well, you do have this part in the middle, a small circle. If you wanted to get in there with a grinder get in there, you could get rid of it. No problem a little piece of sandpaper. I don't care too much. I know that this trucks gon na get beat up anyway. Ah, with the back part, no dust, you could wipe everything off with an isopropyl. I don't really care we might as well start off. I was gon na go with something completely out of the ordinary and I'm gon na go with this body a light blue. This is a Tamiya TS, 23 or Tamia, depending on where you are in the world. There we go shake the paint well I'm, obviously outside in a well ventilated area. It doesn't get more ventilated, we'll do one piece at a time here we go one side of the time. Nice even strokes. Remember start your spray off of the actual model itself that's.

To avoid any drip. Remember you don't have to coat it on super thick. When you first start, you just need a light coat and then let it dry. Alright it's been five minutes. It doesn't feel sticky at all on the outside. I got myself a cut piece of cardboard here just to prop this up flip this over and there we go that way. I can paint, but the other side nice light coats. This is where people rush it right. You don't need to rush. It start off to the side. If you rush this process, you're going to end up with drips and runs in the paint and you don't want that there we go angle, making sure to cover all sides and again we'll wait for that. To dry all right, we can set this off to the side like so time to move on to the cab. Now I want to paint the inside just where I'm gon na be able to see through the doors, maybe I'll do the whole inside. So I get a complete look. I always do the inside first. În acest fel, if there's any mistake on the outside and overspray, I can always correct it. When I'm done nice smooth, strokes, never stay in one place too long. If you don't cover it, don't worry, you can let it dry, move it and then spray it at that time. Kind of like watching paint, dry, Muzica, I'll move it. So you can see better try to cover as many angles as possible.

Acolo. We go left that's right, it's, just really a waiting game kind of patience, but it's a long term benefit when it pays off. ok, I just finished doing the underside of the box just the first time. The first coat flip it over I'm gon na use. This damp paper towel just to wipe off any dust that may be on it just take some moments, but it looks so much better when you paint and it's smooth instead of dust, specks yeah that birds are chirpin spring, is in the air glad to be outside. After a long winter, I think that's, some of the the best parts about this hobby is actually getting to go outside and experience what's outdoors, ok, there we go might as well start on the box. drăguţ, easy smooth, strokes, that's what she says: I'll just turn it, so you can see not bad bad off over there bring the cab in back. Let'S. Put this using farther back right. There not worried about the overspray at all the same color and it's, not spitting out beautiful we'll. Just let that dry, Bine, so for what's left in this single can that I've used I'm just going to do touch ups, where I think it needs it. Everything else. I'Ve checked over is looking great I could see on the box, Deşi, could use a little bit more of the paint. Now there we go right along the bottom nice there we go that's a bit right here, wonderful, Hmm, looking good and done.

One can of paint covered one truck perfect there. We go like that.