This is a trail truck right, yep mayhem, evolution rims, nu chiar. I didn't put my stainless are very very nice power wise to sell Mamba max that's. Three now give a Mamba max in your trail, run wrong. Max 3803 sell with the ax to two speed transmission. Two speed transmission transmission. Let'S see this thing go man he's got two speed: hey it's, less what's up, Huh, Hey sentient, instant Benton, nicey wide. This was waterproof it's. Why I like it waterproof? Are we gon na hit the jump? o, da, the snow, pile Ted get out of my scene. You'Re in my seat, get up hahahaha, worse than Ted head watch out, don't get hit yeah. That means faster that's, a piece that is fast. Bine, Oh, that would have been awesome. That'S um I did. I broke the chassis and iteration no excuses guard. Oh very nice. Here we go he's totally The Drifter of the group. Oh, did you get that yes completely destroyed? Oh, I think it's broken dude. I thought tire you're supposed to be round and on the vehicle. Nu, Oh, so you know you're having fun expensive and awesome. Oh, I wish I could Ted got it. I missed it going on ha ha, but it's still awesome push snow banks and racing cars, that's right, that's, Dreapta, fantastic, bună treabă, bună treabă! You did good he's got a bag, the parts very nice yeah. I hear something give her a rip sings.

Oh I see that. Oh, I lost high gear. Oh not low gear transmission gear hurts. Oh, I don't hear anything clinking around working now, something's loose I'll find it oh and away it goes. Maybe it just came out of gear, I don't know how much this transmission can fabulous. Bărbat, that's cuz, you abused it the way it should be done. What I do not know they never were pushing the design. Gear came back it's perfectly fine, Oh two wheels! Bine, you guys beat the piss out of it that's what they're meant for that's exactly right. Oh, I got a tire yeah practice for today holding it on. I see that there dude, I see it practicing for skatepark that's right coming up two others day. I see vehicles stronger, paroxysm, apparently hey thanks for sacrificing. Asta a fost minunat.