RC Car Drag Racing and Crashing 132ftThese Cars are Fast

Rattling these automobiles are getting quicker and quicker. Just about everyone seems to be on 6s or 8s, I confirmed extra of the automobiles within the video so individuals can see what’s in them. Now we have a fairly good mixture of automobiles: X0-1, Serpent, Slash 4×4, Mugen, Hobao, Traxxas Funnycar, and doubtless just a few I unnoticed.
We’re having a giant RC drag race on the Paul Walker memorial celebration at Houston Raceway Park on September 8, 2018.

We’d like extra individuals to get collectively for races, for some motive there’s not sufficient quick individuals in Texas.

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28 Comentarii
  1. my nonhobby corvette car will be need here

  2. I'm new Into the world of rc drag racing, any advice?

  3. Is it me or do these cars look more like speedrun cars doing scale drag

  4. And I present to you the people who can’t afford an actual drag car.

  5. Jesus, what`s the 0-60 on these cars? 😮

  6. U have so much power in a RV car that u have to pedal it or it's got tire shake or it just blows the tires off that's badassI want in

  7. My slash 4×4 can do that on 6sbut it launches in to orbit

  8. Only if ppl knew how much these cars cost 😂😂😂😂 its a very expensive addiction.

  9. do you still have your slash4x4

  10. that typhon buggy and the vett very killing it very smooth

  11. I would like to come out where is this at I have a 6s

  12. Rc racing is getting pretty popularthat's goodit's easier for some people to get into the "racing" world..

  13. No ambulance? Plz call the nhra

  14. Thanks for the video coverage awesome job.

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