Acesta este andrew la rc coasta a treia în Houston, im de gând să vă aducă o altă revizuire a unui uh de un camion care weve fost luați o privire la recent, așa cum am încerca și să se extindă linia noastră de produse aici, la rc coasta a treia. Nu vindem doar camioane. We only sell the ones that we will buy ourselves, so we like to check them out and if they dont come up to scratch, then we dont sell them because we dont want to be selling people cars that give them problems. So today were going to take a look at this truck the sen. This is a replica of the trunk that was a top 10 build reward of 2017 in sema, driven by greg adams. It was a huge monster truck that they had on display at sema there. This is a really good replica of that truck. Itis, you know its b5 0, its a b5 anchor, so it is kind of a bronco. It looks cool. You know this is a solid axle. Um four wheel drive truck that hes meant to have its not a super high performer. It comes with a brushless power system, but thats more than adequate for this truck its not too heavy brushed, brushed im. Sorry a brushed power system in. Vă mulțumesc, jack and um. It is just its a lot of fun to drive its like going back to the old days of the golden era of rc in the like, 80s and 90s, where people were just flashing around with early stage electric trucks.

They didnt have super performance, but they just looked cool and they ran cool. It reminds me of some of the tamiya trucks um. ştii, like the midnight pumpkin things like that, its its kind of similar to that, but with a little bit of a modern twist to it, um plus its a replica of a real real vehicle, it comes with a savage servo that is fairly adequate. You know that might be something you want to consider. Upgrading it comes with lights on the top that are, i think they are actually ready to uh yeah theyve got the little clasps on the back, so theyre actually light buckets. You can put a light kit straight in them. It comes with a hobby wing, 1040 esc thats, waterproof and dust proof comes with a 550 high torque brushed motor, its a mabuchi one similar to the ones that you get in some tamiya vehicles, 12 kg servo. But the truck is only light, its not very heavy at all. It comes with the basic uh mod 3s radio from zen, which is which is quite a nice radio. It has buttons instead of dials, i prefer dials, but at least its not like traxxas radio that dont have any adjustment on it, its nothing easy anyway, so its got that dual vertical plate chassis design. Bine, take a look at that in a minute, so you can run on a two way: sort of frias or a nickel metal hydride its lipo ready, batches and charges are not included.

Its got eight shock system on it with the orange add a nice shock. Caps that match the color of the truck and yeah hes got a hard racing springs with a falling suspension, design, solid axle, so real nicely specified truck. So lets take a look at a little bit more detail. în primul rând, well just take a look at the body which is real nicely done its got. You know the the running boards on here, its got the lights on the top. You know this truck likes to kind of get a little bit top heavy in the corner, so you might want to get a different body for bashing around with you can put the hyperloop body on here which is assisted to this truck its just a lexan body, But this ones got the detail. You know its got the kind of like bikini style top. I dont know what you call it in the back there, but a partial bed cover its got: the roof rack on the top, its got the light system that you can put the lights in very easily its got the mirrors on here its got the hooks on The front this front bumper a little bit kind of wobbly, but you know if youre going to hit something, probably the wheels will hit. First anyway, it comes with the wheelie bar in the in the box that you have to install takes less than five minutes and uh its fully licensed ford ford b5 onco design.

Underneath here we see the hobby wing esc. We see the 550 motor here were going to see the savox servo here, the the electronics, the receiving everything are in this nice little waterproof box here. So you can splash through the water in this truck, without worrying about anything, getting getting damaged, brushed motor can go through the water. The esc is flash proof, its all up high, so its its all well protected. Weve got the eight shock system with spacers in there. Underneath you can see the solid axle, four link, suspendare, design, metal drive, arbori de metal, dog bone drive, shafts and um yeah its not its, not got lock diffs. You can see its got just conventional diffs in here. You could go in there and lock them. If you want its dead, easy to get to them, and actually the covers from the center 450 go right, overs and i think the herbs yeah a lot of some of the aluminum parts that people buy for the f 450 go right on here. There are quite a lot of hop ups available for this vehicle if you want to get into that so there we go its pretty stiffly, sprung it um, but it looks cool and its about having fun with its not about performance. This is a truck that you can buy for a kid and run it on nickel male hydride or run it on 2s lipo, its not too fast or an adult can just have a lot of fun with it either as a prime truck or as a backup Truck to your main main truck, keep it with you in the car drive it around wherever you might be take it.

You know to the beach trying to go into salt water with it, but if you do make sure you clean it off, but its a great truck just to have fun with so lets, throw the body back on here. Fapt, im going to turn the radio on and turn the truck on so that, after the one off switch, is right here easy to get to put this cool looking body back on here, bine, throw it on the ground and take it for a spin. The body clips are going to rear. I always find a little bit tricky to get to here. I do it with my trusty Music. There we go on the ground, it seems to have a lot of power, but i do see people say its a good upgrade to upgrade it to like a 20 Sau 25 Kg, and so you know the tires themselves. They look. Cool theyve got that old monster truck chevron pattern, design, um they dont have inserts in them, but that really doesnt affect the way it performs a lot of trucks like these come without inserts in there, because it just gives it a little bit more a little bit More cushioning on the bounce, because these are kind of bouncy there we go its got a fair turn of speed, see it try and tip there in the corner, and it will wheelie all day on 3s on 2s. You can get it to wheelie, but its not bounces off the curb there, so you can see its a strictly strong, sprung truck.

A lot of the shock absorption is in the tires themselves. Dont want to tip it over and damage these cool lights, and it does that its got a little bit of torque there. If you really guess it tries to pull to the right a little bit and then, desigur, it crawls, bounces and bumps and gets across everything its a lot of fun to drive. You can hold the wheelie as much as you wanted to the top speed is going to probably be about 25 miles an hour if it was for a kid or someone just starting out. Perhaps you want to think about roon on 2s or even a nickel hydride an 8.4 Sau 7.2. It can do it all with this hobby wing esc. Just remember, if you do put in nickel metal hydride mode to change your back, the esc back to lipo mode youre gon na go back to running light bulbs. So youve got that low voltage protection. You know im old school. I remember when trucks like this were all the rage back in the 80s and the 90s. Something like this would have been absolutely it has that kind of retro feel to it. It definitely handles better than a midnight pumpkin. Does you see that its got quite a turn of speed youve got to feed the power into it? You cant just peg the throttle that just varies all the time, its a bit hard to control, but its going to have to whoa going on two wheels.

Almost rolling over there go back kick up a little bit dirt. Here it looks cool it can splash through the puddles. You dont need to worry about that there. It goes thats pretty much full speed right there, hes just a lot of fun, bouncing and rolling around. Just wheelies on demand almost any speed. Oh look at that did a front nose stand. I didnt even mean to do that. I didnt. I think this is a great buy theyre about 300. So if youre looking for a truck thats, just got a lot of fun factor, you know that big fun factor looks cool. You take it to the park, everybodys going whats that man, its so cool where to get that from tell them. It came from third coast rc in cyprus, houston, texas, and sent them to our shop, but its real cool ive read reviews on these trucks online long term. I think they stand up pretty good. You can change the gearing in it right now, its on low gear um, you dont change it from the remote, its quite easy to do. Uh. It shows you how to do in the manual, and you just turn a gear in the in the gearbox. It takes about 10 minutes and you got high speed. It actually goes um about 20 percent faster on that high speed. So on 3s, it will be quite fast um, but im keeping this on a low gear, because i like the fact that pop wheelies and its got that responsive acceleration to it super detail.

Body nice looking wheels light kit, gata, Lipo, gata, nickel metal hydride ready, comes with a wheelie bar its a good deal. I really like it reminds me of at old times, massey wasnt, so competitive or so expensive or so outrageous. You dont need to go 70 Km. An hour to have fun 25 miles an hour is just fine. Deci, dacă vă place acest video, please subscribe to our channel.