The army limitless today we’re going to be fitting the scorched rc rear in front skid plates to both of these the titanium ones. So we’re going to get some severe, hopefully get some severe sparkage we’re, going to get them out there to the to the car park and have some fun before we do that. Please remember to subscribe turn on those notifications. Give us a like comments down below guys. Let’S get into it, so hopefully these are easy to fit. These are the rear ones, titanium screws you get those on and that’s the front one so it’s across the front. We get these flipped over Music. Look at the quality of that pure titanium. Muzica. Look at those parts guys the quality of those put link in the description down below where you can get these from on this one. You just got ta take out those four screws, replace them with these. Look at that guys, little titanium, sparkage coming up. We get the infraction done and we’re good to go. We’Re hit the uh i hit the car park. Music let’s get out there and get some sparks going. Aplauze muzicale, Music little drag race. I think the limitless one, the last the last one he won two out of three so we’ll, give it the best out of three again we’re, just lining them up. ok, any marks get set. Go i wasn’t watching who won that one Applause i didn’t see who won that one.

So we have to look at the uh, the replay on the camera. I was more interested in the sparks and who actually won it. Are you ready on your marks? Get set? Go fraction got that one i don’t think callum was awake, though i think callum’s, he’s, half asleep Applause, getting his spots coming off the uh limitless at night. I don’t think he’s getting low enough he’s, not in the demented party out to about 91 on that. Are you ready remarks, get set, go anyone sparking up. There is the uh, the Applause Music Applause infection. Music Applause is Applause. Music is Music Applause, v2, infraction running a 1650 kv max 6 hobby wing. This is aaron’s. He just started. Have a channel so check his channel out running 8s Applause that was motoring? How much speed you got there? Albu 82! There Applause Applause, tu 81 we’ve got more in it, but it’s the road breaking a bit early as well. He’S bottling it early bottled it early again. You had a good start, but you bottled it yeah, probably about 86. That time i think, 88, one more okay, i don’t need to break till the event. Yeah Applause see he’s driving. I don’t trust him Applause better. Breaking there we go 86 batteries are done well guys. Hopefully you got some good footage there of the sparking it’s a bit cold bit chilly isn’t it boys, Da, who’s got the gloves on. Oh bow for the snowflakes they’ve got their gloves on.

I don’t know me gloveless bare hand bare hands shorts. T shirts i’ve got the blubber, though these boys aren’t they’re skinny. So anyway, hopefully limitless refraction with a bit of sparking action when the summer gets here, we’ll be doing a bit more so anyway, guys what we’re doing please remember to subscribe hit the like turn on the notifications hit.