CURSA de viteza masina RC!! Ghepard vs Bison

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1:16 4WD unitate rapidă drift masini telecomanda auto ... NOI $26.40
NOI $30.00
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Hot sell original MZ918 1:14 Electric drift Rc Car... NOI $48.84
NOI $66.00
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JJRC Q39 RC Car HIGHLANDER 1:12 4WD blue RC Desert... NOI $59.49
NOI $84.99
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A949 Racing RC Car RTR 4WD 2.4GHz Toys Remote Cont... NOI $67.90
NOI $73.80
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HSP RC masina 4wd 1:10 Pe drum Touring curse două Spe.... NOI $209.00 ALIEXPRESS Cumpara acum

Bison RC Car (Gearbest)
Ghepardul (Gearbest)

Vkar curse Bison REVIEW:

Let's put the JLB Cheetah VS the NEW Racing Bison RC Cars to the test! In 3 different competitions, we put them head to headwho do you think will come out the winner?! Place your bets down in the comments before watching.

My Three Tests:
1. Top Speed (with my trusty Pocket Radar speed gun, we run 3 passes each to see which RC car hits the fastest top speed on grass)
2. Agility/erratic turning/traction control test (trying to go as fast as possible, while making fast erratic turns back and forth, we can see a clear different between the two trucks and their handling)
3. DRAG RACE! This one is my favorite, and we race quite a few times. Both are CRAZY FAST, but keep watching and you'll see who wins the most!

Make sure you watch the full video reviews of each RC car!

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