Rear Mounted eBay Turbo?? Sh*tcar Gets Boost

After getting someplace round 20 million feedback about how Sh*tcar wants an eBay turbowe give it an eBay turbo. However after Hazard Dan discovers that mounting it within the engine bay will likely be something however simple.

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39 Comentarii
  1. THIS is the mod I didn't realize shitcar needed.

  2. Kawalski. … status report…. why do I hear this in my head watching these videos?

  3. Now add another eBay turbo

  4. what the hell kikawa doing there ???

  5. Longer videos please I fucking love y’all

  6. Dots? Why not just put 1, 2 , 3 , 4 🤔

  7. I would gladly take this car I'm very very tired of walking 😭😰😭😰😭😰

    If you guys ever do a give away please consider me my feet hurt😂😂😂

  8. Que paso con el negro que grababa antes?

  9. I can tell you what..all this work.. ill NEVER HAVE A TURBO ANYTHING!! NEVER!!

  10. was für'n Schrott is das?

  11. why not use numberslmfao dots.

  12. I would love this job I run cnc machines but fabrication is my hobby.

  13. Waste of another e36Shame, there will be none left in the near future, and the ones that miraculously survive without being messed up, will become way to expensive, just like the e30 and e21 🙁

  14. even my Honda Monkey has bigger turbo than that

  15. Первая стена…. и оставил свою начинку 😉

  16. everyone should build a shit car

  17. Fucking intro. I thought the car exploded LOL

  18. The engineer in me knows that all that tubing and turns probably will eat away any benefit from the turbo, but the Hoon in me doesn't care. Good job boys!

  19. any german engineer wants to invade america 4 doing this xD

  20. I wonder how much pressure and HP he just lost from placing it from the back

  21. Aștepta, wasn’t this guy in a wheel chair in another video?

  22. We're does the exhaust come back out at

  23. We're does the exhaust come back out at

  24. Turbos don't have enough lag, lets put it as far away from the engine as possible.

  25. Rear mounted WTF it will never spool + all that compressable air in the pipe to the inlet Hahaha carry on tho

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