Remote Engine Start with Climate Control (2019 SUBARU STARLINK New Features)

With the brand new SUBARU STARLINK Distant Engine Begin with Local weather Management function, you can begin your Subaru and set the right temperature out of your smartphone earlier than you hit the street. Proven right here on the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester, Distant Engine Begin with Local weather Management is well accessed through the MySubaru app from any location.

MySubaru app options:

Lock or unlock your automobile from wherever with cell service
Find your automobile from a map remotely
Activate the horn and lights remotely
Alter the temperature remotely
Begin engine remotely
Alter your heated seats (Subaru Ascent solely)

Which 2019 fashions supply Distant Engine Begin with Local weather Management?

– 2019 Subaru Ascent
– 2019 Subaru Crosstrek
– 2019 Subaru Impreza
– 2019 Subaru Forester

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21 Comentarii
  1. When will this be available in Canada?

  2. He didn’t even get the door for her or anything

  3. Disappointed. I live in the northeast and it doesn't run long enough to even defrost the windows. 10 minutes is not enough time…. and you can only run the autostart 2 times. The app needs to be updated (or the car) to allow for up to 20 minutes of run time. Anyone know if it is possible to increase the runtime? App only shows 5 or 10 minute!

  4. "and you can enjoy the best part of the drive…" – The Blowjob 😀

  5. Bring this to Canada please!

  6. dang look at this dude flexing on his first date with his suburu app. What a baller.

  7. Is the remote start service available for the 2019 Legacy?

  8. WHEN WILL THIS BE AVAILABLE FOR MY 2017 Forester XT? Please Subaru cmon. I just renewed my star-link too for $149

  9. Does it work for 2019 Forester Canada ?

  10. WALL-E future is starting to come into fruition lmao; the future of laziness

  11. Man Luxury Hospitality range!👍👌

  12. I like subarus, but this technology is getting out of control. Car hacking has already been used to assassinate journalists.

  13. My starlink doesnt work worth a shit

  14. Ha the app needs dual climate zone, what ever the temp of it is inside she will want it either warmer or colder

  15. Does the engine still shut off when you open the door?

  16. First world problems.
    Future car thieves love stuff like this. No keys, slim jims or broken windows anymore, just a laptop and cell phone and they get a perfectly undamaged car at the touch of a few buttons all because you gave them a gateway to the car with these stupid and totally unnecessary features. You think the firmware ever gets updated for this crap? The older the car gets the easier it will be to steal.

  17. This is nothing to be proud of. Honestly. Starting a combustion engine to run an A/C compressor by letting it idling around. You do notice that this is wasting fuel and generating exhaust gases? Also this is The worst operation point for a combustion engine of them all. You will get fuel in your oil which will then make the oil very thin, reducing the lubrication capabilities. Put an electric compressor in the car + an AC plug on it and you're done. Or better, make a Plug-in hybrid like the Passat GTE and it will run the A/C from the battery, or while it is charging. Don't get me wrong, I do like Subarus, but this is so stupid.

  18. Still not available for European models?

  19. Will this feature work on a 2019 Wrx Sti Limited?

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