Remote Roof operating enabled by coding on my BMW e93

This time, I’m exhibiting you the way I can open and shut the roof and entry contained in the trunk when roof is open as if my automotive had Consolation Entry functionhowever I shouldn’t have it from manufacturing unit 😉
All of the modifications have been activated by coding the modules.
Subsequent step, learn the way open and shut home windows solely when the trunk-splitter is faraway from cabrio place

In fact, I’ve not used any aftermarket module like SmartTop or others
Get pleasure from!

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  1. salut. I have a problem with my BMW e93. The rooftop stopped working from the remote key (it used to work until 2 days ago) can you help me please ?

  2. What parameter have to be programmed in CTS and CAS modules?

  3. For everyone wondering, the car had to have the Comfort Access option to open and CLOSE the top

  4. Carly allows you to program roof opening & closing whilst in motion!

  5. hey guy I have 2007 328i convertible hardtop and I can't get my top to let back with the key . Just the windows and the side mirrors. I even purchased the carly coder but I can't figure it out!

  6. Hello have a 2015 M4 convertible how can i get the remote to work the roof before you get in the car want this and folding mirrors

  7. I call bullshit, all e93s do not open roof with remote. you need comfort access

  8. Hi Jose. Nisa video, nice features. I have watched it several times. I need some info to code my E93 (i am new on this, but i have codded some little things in the car). I will be very pleasure to receive some info from you about it. Thanks and regards form Asturias.

  9. Hellol Jose!

    Eu am o 2008 335i E93 how did you do that ?What do I need to do it!!??? Thx

  10. hey bro, do you program keys for people, I'm from Sri Lanka I would like to have my key programmed as well

  11. +JoseJJn
    Hi there,I have a similar car "E93 2007 320i"
    I can open the roof from the key but the only way to close it is from inside the car,why I cant do it from the key ?

  12. Hi Jose, could you tell me what settings you changed to enable this feature? Mulțumiri…

  13. JoseJJN is right! I also got a BMW E93 convertible 2012 and the only thing this nice designed BMW remote key does is lock or unlock the door! Dar!!! On BMW original site BMW promote this original BMW 3 remote key with many more non-existing features! See (at the end) of the original BMW 3 series E93 convertible promo video for there nice non-excisting remote key features: https://www.bmw.nl/nl/specials/bmw-modellenregister/3-serie-cabrio/365-dagen-rijplezier.html#ProductPresentationFullwidthae3af3443db8cc3a25177a75cc56b1ac

    But for real you need a hacker to install a comfort module to automatically open en close the hardtop on your BMW E93 3 series convertible with the original BMW remote key. So the BMW remote key does not open or close the rooftop on your BMW E93 convertible 3er as it is published by BMW in there highlight video.

    BMW let there customers believe that the BMW E93 3er convertible remote key can do more than open or close the door. But thats not the truth!

  14. Hi Jose, to do this, did you just use NCSExpert to programme the car? what settings did you change?

  15. buna,Jose, can you please tell me what and where must be coded for remote opening and closing ( i know roof closing is not going any more). We tried with my codder but after a short keep of opening button the windows go all the way down (even if i stop presing) and also the roof start to open in the same time, no any closingeven windows (maybe because roof if all works at the same time).

  16. really awesome! I wish the weather in my country was not too hot and humid toown a convertible ! 🙁 enjoy it !

  17. You don't mind to post a video how to do the programming right.gracias.

  18. Hey Jose,i have a 2008 335i and wonder how to do the top down and up by the keyless.please tell ,me how to do it please.

  19. Open the roof is still available, also confort access to the trunk is working too. I coded a brand new 2013 BMW with success.
    But unfortunately, closing the roof has been disabled since new software versions… 🙁

  20. Bmw have done software updates on odb recently. Can coding still done to open roof?

  21. Thanks for your assistance will look into it

  22. then, you cannot enable remote closing coding the car
    You will need an aftermaket module like smarttop or others. The other way is retrofitting PGS (comfort access) but this is not cheap.


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