The box looks so cool it’s nice. My son, could play it in the rough yard. We had so much fun. This is perfect, easy to understand how to make it work. My son will love this for Christmas. Vă mulțumesc. This truck is so cool that you can drive it on many kinds of terrains bought for my son as a gift, as he is a big monster truck Monster Jam fan. He loves this it’s easy to control as it’s a steering wheel, control and he has played with it non, opreşte-te, building ramps, etc for it. Besides this, one is stable enough compared to other trucks to mount a small camber on more features means you have more ways to enjoy it Music. This Rock Crawler was an amazing chicken and dog chaser. A little slow going over long grass, but full of torque with no hangups rocks under are definitely the best obstacles of choice. It climbed up on concrete, with he’s after rumbling through tough dirt terrain, great fun, Muzica. This is a great poet to lure the kids out of the house. Everyone enjoyed playing with it planning to buy another one or two so that we can race against each other. The build is good appears to be durable. This toy works great for a small kid. Easy to maneuver and looks very well built would definitely recommend battery also lasted a good while plus it includes two so it’s perfect. I purchased this for my nephew and he loves it.

It’S 4wd and the suspension. Travel is good for a size and even the tire is flex while doing some mini crawls. The body panels are metal, care este frumos, makes it feel very sturdy, a 4wd crawler, with good articulation of suspension at a to 4 GHz radio system.