Oh, este, a good one. Music hi i’m welcome to aussie kicks on today’s, show i’m unboxing something that’s taken almost six months to find not the easiest thing to hunt down. Fericire, i had some help on this one. So a massive shout out to lee elenil models for seeing this one, knowing that i wanted one and he grabbed it and he was kind enough to. Let me have it at the same price as he paid for it, and so a massive shout out to him. Big thanks um, shall i just open it it’s a good one. I’Ve wanted one of these in the collection for a long, long time, Dreapta, Să, take a look now between you and me. I have actually opened the box to have a look anyway, because i just couldn’t help myself before filming it plus. I wanted to have a good look at it before i showed it to you. Altminteri, i’ll just be staring at it and you’ll just be looking at me staring at it yeah. So let’s have a look well, it came with a spare chassis, which i think was the original chassis for this that’s been swapped out now, Sunt., really chuffed it’s, actually in really good condition anyway, um there’s hardly any damage to it whatsoever. A little bit of light running by the look of it um, it looks like the aerial. The aerial slot is the only kind of thing that’s slightly damaged on it, but all the actual mounting points look really good, so i’m quite chuffed.

To get that. Obviously you know that was just an other thing that came with the deal so but hey good to have right. Then we have a brochure. Then we have a rear spoiler. Am i holding things up the right way around? Nu, a rear, Spoiler, not painted and the rear spoiler mount, which is plastic on both sides, and then you’ve got some aluminium aluminum for some of you parts. Then we have some spare rims again nice little bonus to have um. I want to get white rims for this because that’s what the car came originally but it’s got some extra rims hey and then you have the car itself. eşti gata? Oh look at this all right, let’s just get rid of the box. So if you don’t know already, this is an x10 from 10th technologies. The wheels aren’t right these are x11, so these are the wrong wheels. I will swap them out and it’s in lovely condition. Absolutely stunning. I will do a montage in a minute. We can get a good look at it, but uh well chuffed. These are insanely difficult to find and prices are bonkers now trying to find one of these in good condition. They just don’t come up very often they really don’t and when they come up the hardcore fans of these snapped them up straight away, deci uh da. I was really chuffed. I was getting to the point where i was thinking: Sunt., not gon na get one and opening the box.

Today i am super chuffed. It is in lovely condition all the arms, the chassis it’s, all like new, almost no running by the look of it there’s. No road scratchy marks on any of it, so lovely. Now the shocks don’t seem to have any oil in them, but i get the feeling it was probably restored being that this was the old chassis. It was restored with new parts that hadn’t been used and the person who owned it before just didn’t put any oil in the shops because it was going to sit on the shelf. The body looks like it was new it wasn’t painted that long ago. So i think it was really restored and then it sat on the shelf and then the person probably realized that these are now selling for quite a lot of money and decided to sell it on whoever restored. It did a really good job there’s. A lot of attention to detail all the screws have been changed out and it’s in really good condition. Um, the only thing that’s a bit concerning at the moment is it has a locked front diff. Deci, but apparently that was an option comment below. If you know more um, but it has a locked front diff that uh yeah the rear one is fine. The front one is locked, so i did hear that that was an option that was available. I don’t quite know why you’d want a locked front diff on a racing buggy, but i showed you what i know there’s one person i would like to give a shout out to for probably the wrong reasons and that’s duncan mcgregor.

If you haven’t seen duncan’s one of these, which is why i got into this i’ll, put a link up here duncanwas kind enough to bring over and lend me his brand new x10. So i had it on the show and i got to drive it and it’s his faultthat i wanted one of these because it drove so well. So thanks duncan, fiindcă, even though i got it at a great price, thanks to lee it’s, still rather expensive, Buggy, how expensive are these well, if you don’t tell rebecca, it was probably about 500 520 pound in total, and that was a bargain. There was one of these that had the box in the manual and was painted up slightly better, that sold for 1500 pound with the correct, wheels and stuff like that, deci uh da. I am super chuffed to have one in the collection, even though i had to sell quite a few cars to get it, but hey it’s paid for it is mine well paid for is it sort of credit card anyway? So there you go all right i’m going to cut you a montage, so you can have a quick look at it in more detail and then we’ll cut back and then i’ll talk about what i’m going to do with it: Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Aplauze, Muzica, Aplauze, Muzica, Aplauze, Muzica, Mine: Muzica, Aplauze, Muzica, Mine, there you go just a quick montage and i think you can agree.

The quality is looking really good. So i’m super happy from that point of view. So what’s the plan well i’m going to get a new body and mainly because i’m, not too keen on this blue. I mean the body’s painted up well, dar este, not a color that i’m, a real big fan of and i’m gon na get a pro painter to paint it up and we’re gon na do something super special, because i think the car deserves it. Um the shocks don’t have any oil on at the moment, so i’ve got to sort that out to make sure the seals are all okay, so i’ll strip down the shocks. I will do it on the show and i’ve got to get some electronics for it. Comment below what electronics should be in this if you race, one of these back in the day, what electronics should i put in this um? I will run this gently but um. I i want to get it up and running for sure got to get new wheels. These are the x11 rules, like i said before, i want white ones, which i think are the x10 wheels, not a fan of this color uh that’s it all. Also all the screws have been changed to torx screws, so i’ve got to get a torx screw set. The every single bolt has been changed. I think uh, maybe somehow allen key yeah. I think some are allen, so it’s a little yeah it’s a little bit of a mixture.

I think most of them are torque, but some like the pins, the arm pins, which i guess they couldn’t get, are still allen key. So yeah there we go super chuffed and i’ll tick that off one of my collection, what’s next well, uh rc10 welch car i’m. Coming to get ya not yet, if you’ve got one, if you got one don’t contact me to buy it straight away, i don’t have anybody, but i will get one. I promise, and there is someone i’m actually talking to who i don’t know. If you still got the new inbox, one um but uh, if he’s still got it and he’s patient, i might have it with him in a couple of months anyway, thanks very much please like and subscribe and i’ll see you on the next one.