MyGica KR40 DualSide IR Remote Review

Mygica did it again, and brought a real awesome little remote that will work any box, its designed to work with any media center, very easy for hand and easy to … [compare_prices_deals] Sursă

LYNCA IR – 30 IR Infrared Remote Controller – Examinare [GearBest]

LYNCA IR – 30 IR Infrared Remote Controller – Examinare [GearBest] Link about item … [compare_prices_deals] Sursă

Mattel Ultimate BATMOBILE Justice League RC Car Toy Review

Rc Batmobile from the Justice League movie. Now the story behind this is Mattel contacted me. They said hey. We have this this product coming out. Would you like one not in those words exactly, but that was essentially the gist of it, and I said yes, please thank you very much. They didn’t tell […]

Transformați orice telefon în telecomandă universală – DIY IR Blaster

Vă permite să faceți un blaster IR sau o telecomandă IR universală pentru smartphone și să controlați totul. Videoclipuri similare – Răcitor de aer … [compare_prices_deals] Sursă

LED T10 RGB + Remote Controler – Ebay – Review/ PresentationMulticolor

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