RC Car Christmas Gifts Under $150

It’s Holiday shopping time and each year we get a bunch of messages asking for help for picking the best gifts. We’re always happy to help, but we might not get … [compare_prices_deals] Sursă

Top 4 BEST RC Cars of 2020 🚗

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TLR 8ight-XE Elite 1/8 RC Car Review and Hot Laps by CitizenRC

It really helps me out a lot and i have a lot of uh content scheduled uh coming up here in the coming months. Deci, astăzi, i’m really excited because i’m going to be bringing to you a review of the team. Losi racing 8xe elite, electric 1, 8 scale buggy, which is tlr’s newest […]

10 best rc cars

The list of in the 10 is the armored Mojave Desert razor truck for 630 arma is the most exciting RC company today delivering innovative products that are durable and are reasonably priced. This one is a seven scale model that is 6s lipo, capable full metal gears. So it can propel the machine up […]

Backyard Basher Favorite Returns! Redcat RC-MT10E Brushless 4×4 Truck Review | RC Driver

They are going and putting all other vehicles under the redcat label, and this is the most recent truck to go under the redcat label. We used to know it as a team redcat racing vehicle which was a higher end line, but now they’re just putting it all together and now this truck has […]

In Derek’s KitchenBuilding and thoughtsTamiya TC-01 Formula E Gen 2 Masina

What are we doing in the kitchen? We'Re, not cooking anything today. What we're gon na do is build a kit, so we're gon na start a new series called in the kitchen with derek where we build the stuff on my kitchen table so welcome. I don't know where to look in the air […]

Rechargeable Lambogini | Rc Car Reviews | Captain Guard

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RC OFF ROAD CAR…………………….

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Fun Mini RC Car From A New Brand! Xotik Model 1/32 XC324 Super Storm RTR Review | RC Driver

Welcome to the new workshop. It has not been an easy road getting here. Just a few days after moving into the new house uh, we were hit by a tropical storm that knocked out power knocked over trees and uh. I still don’t have power. Today the house is actually being run on a […]

Top 5 Cele mai bune mașini RC | Smart RC Car Truck on AliExpress

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10 Best RC Cars For 2020 And Beyond!

Să ne, but first I’ll try to answer some of the most common questions regarding this type of sport, and these are who makes the best RC cars? How fast can remote control cars go? How much does a remote control car cost and what are the best RC drift cars so who makes the […]