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RC AVENTURI – Tent Trailer & Mercedes Unimog 4×4 – RC4WD & Tamiya CCO1

Cu toate acestea, you like this is a CCO one running simply on a two cell lipo battery a salve ox waterproof servo, a spectrum receiver that's. Also waterproof my one lone Army dude that was heading up this whole project, tipping a cold one for you guys. Here we go the RC four wheel, drive bivouac […]


În același timp,, I turned on the camera there. He goes only on the prairies, always busyness everywhere. In the world check out this amazing sky it's been superhot the last few days expecting a thunderstorm, but not where we're going this weekend, Big Blue has been checked from tip to tail everything in […]


My buddy Matthew here put a camper trailer on top check this out a little couch microwave sleeper, a clear door around the back check this out. There you go welcome into the back, so in here all fixing up is our seats. Can check right through you pretty cool eh now that is a […]

PULLING a TENT TRAILER in the Backyard Scale Trail ParkTeam Raffee | RC AVENTURI

TTC 2018 – Eps. 3 „JUDECĂTORUL” Weight Sled / Tractor PULL | RC AVENTURI

This competitors is in full impact now. Episode Three is all in regards to the JUDGE! This epic sled has pulled extra RC vans than some other sled in historical past! For years this monster hsa pulled time and time once more.. and immediately we even get to see a bunch of exhibition pulls! acest […]

WE INVENTED a TRUCK-WASH on the Muddy Backyard Trail 4X4 Course! | RC AVENTURI

I SURE DO LOVE BEING A DAD! Maurice is 5.5 years previous, and is changing into lethal on the yard path course! Immediately, he’s utilizing his Traxxas "TRX4" Sport truck ( ) to wheel his option to right into a newly put in Truck Wash! This truck wash I featured final yr ( ) e […]

AFTER 2.5 YEARS, I fire up the Jeep Willy & Patrol the Backyard Trail Course | RC AVENTURI

I’m on a private mission to make use of each path truck I’ve this 12 months and to ensure all of them are functioning properly and are as much as the problem! At the moment I’m utilizing my GMade Sawback (Jeep Willy). I’ve had this path machine for a lot of, a few years. For […]

5 Yr Old Son MAURICE’S FIRST TRAIL RUN w/ DAD! #Proudparenting 2019 | RC AVENTURI

I’m a Dad who has beloved the passion of Radio Management vans since I used to be a child myself.. that is A VERY PROUD MOMENT FOR ME! My Son Maurice, (Moe), is coming with me on our first path run out collectively! My spouse is on the town attending class, so I assumed it […]