RC AVENTURI – 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator pulled on Triple Axle Trailer

VERY Unique Cable-Driven Steering System! Capo ACE 1 Commander 2 | RC AVENTURI

You can see it is not completed. I did in the last video take a poll to see who wanted me to do the upgrades on camera and who wanted me just to go out and rip it, and I got ta say so. Many people wanted me to do the upgrades on camera. I […]

RC AVENTURI – Summer LovePiNKY & TOP GEARScale RC 4X4 Truck Romance

RC AVENTURI – HD OVERKiLL nu Gogoși & Primul meu dezbrăcat iDLER Gear!

Această tubulatură, desigur, Micsoreaza. Îl încălzesc, it's easier to remove. Tocmai de aceea scot bateriile lipo din interiorul cabinei. Didn'T figure out. I didn't want to have body pins on this and earth magnets it's a very tight fit in there. S-ar putea fi capabil de a obține […]

RC AVENTURI – Rescue Mission – excavator, Blizzard, BEAST 4×4 Truck

RC AVENTURI – PiTDawg HydroUnboxing Radio Control Vehicle Bodies

I just sent me a surprise package, care este frumos. I actually have no idea what's in here I'm, assuming an RC body because that's what they do it it dog hydro, is hydro dip which is not a paint job it's, not a rap or any kind of decal, but indeed it's a dip. […]

RC AVENTURI – Zăpadă & MUD? Simply an Invitation. Traxxas Slash 4×4, Juggernaut & Kyosho Rally Car

RC AVENTURI – Ski-Doo MXZ on 3s Lipo, Art Attack

She chickened out, ha ha ha, but shot ha ha ha. So here is my old new bright one fifth scale toy rc conversion, and we had issues in here with these pegs being pure plastic and everything being such a toy quality when it was in the coal that actually snapped very easy thanks […]

RC AVENTURI – Rock Crawling a 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator

I got some spare time, so I thought I'd bring out the excavator. Da, it is all hydraulic all of the Pistons and rams actually function from controls on the radio. These top levers here, control the tracks individually and now that you know how heavy this machine is and that it is all metal, […]

RC AVENTURI – Tragedy on Open WaterTraining Mission goes WrongAquacraft Rescue 17

RC AVENTURI – Radio Controlled Tonka Dump Truck

Da, my friends! This is something you might recognize from your past childhood days or heck. Maybe you even have one right now in your back yard. Maybe you even have an updated one, but check out this vintage Tonka dump truck yeah metal. desigur, just like they used to make him in the […]

RC AVENTURI – HPI Sprint 2 Flux – 1/10th Scale TouringI want to DRiFT Wit’ el!

Da, de fapt, I'm going to be going into an area that we've only done once before. That would be on road electric RC racing. But this time I am not actually going to be doing carpet racing I'm going to go back to one of the first things I did with drifting, my friends […]