RC AVENTURI – Predators vs PREYLosi 8iGHT-E 4×4 Buggy (FAST!)

RC AVENTURI – G Made GS01 Komodo 4×4 1/10 Electric Trail Truck Overview

În cele din urmă, here the G made comodo 4×4 trail truck at the time of this filming. This is a newly released vehicle and I've. Had a ton of requests come in for me to pick up one of these trucks and give you guys an overview really. The whole point of this short video is just […]

RC AVENTURI – Black Sheep Customs Bouncer Tube Cage Upgrade for Axial Wraith 4×4

My friend Curtis Landry runs black sheep customs, and so this piece of artwork came up for sale and I said I had to have it. I wanted to put it on the show. Give him a bit of exposure. I'M gon na put his Facebook link in the video description box below so you […]

RC AVENTURI – Jumps, Crashes & WipeoutsRadio Controlled Air Time

RC AVENTURI – US M41 Walker Bulldog Airsoft Radio Controlled Battle Tank (Taigen)

RC AVENTURI – Street Truck STUCK in MUDTamiya Ford F-350 Highlift 4×4

RC AVENTURI – PiNKY Repair & UpgradeJEM helps out, Family TimeExtended Version

RC AVENTURI – Losi DBXL 4×4 – Jump Testing with a Radio Controlled Buggy

RC AVENTURI – HUGE 3D printed Snow BlowerKyosho BlizzardSpyker Workshop

I do have stock motors in there, but everything else a sound kit in the sabre tooth ESC. All that neat stuff has already been done to this machine plus a little extra. You must be wondering what this blue mount is up front, or maybe you hadn't noticed until I had said it well, […]

RC AVENTURI – Semi Truck Accident

RC AVENTURI – Stretched Chrome Semi Truck – Tamiya

RC AVENTURI – 5′ Hand Made, High Steel Tower Crane & Electro-Magnet