RC AVENTURI – Exceed RC MaxStone 1/5th Scale CrawlerA Monster RC TRUCK

You know online video. That kind of thing I flew to Anaheim met with the Nitro RCX guys had some fun with them and that's. Actually why I still do some of the exceed products. A lot of people ask me to do. Cost effective or budget are C's because we don't all have like […]

RC AVENTURI – 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator pulled on Triple Axle Trailer

RC AVENTURI – Jeepinin the Beast 4X4 Wrangler Rubicon


Determine your exact route pay a special attention to the nature of the ground beneath the undergrowth. So when driving through, you avoid deep hole, bogs and other obstacles select the gear which is most appropriate for the type of ground and it's inclination can drive as slowly and as smoothly as possible into the […]


Oh myself, oh great job! Wow, ai ta. Let me try this for sure. Bine, it's, tough from over here driving it out us yeah. Do my best not to hit you at school man, I'm gon na try and follow it through the water we'll see how it goes. Bun! Luck! Good luck! […]

RC AVENTURI – Ford AeroMax 1/14th 6X4 Semi Truck hauling Excavator on Trailer

Questions and the people on Facebook have been getting an inside look at these types of things because of the pictures and whatever. But I know a lot of people have been asking questions about this rig what's in the semi truck. What have we done? The trailer this whole thing and I think, it's […]

RC AVENTURI – CowRC, Setup FPV with a GOPro 3 Aparat foto, & Losi 8TFirst Person View” Acţiune

My box of Moo slick and mooder cleaner got that right here: uh motor, cleaner motor, cleaner for electric motors and a degreaser ideal for the proper cleaning and maintenance of RC motors gear suspensions effectively removes oil grease dirt and grime, and most contaminants from electronic equipment. ok, good shouldn't say I finally just […]

RC AVENTURI – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body SetBuild Video (PT5)

I didn't actually paint the inside of these, because when I put the LED lights in there, I still want it to be reflective, so don't paint the inside. If you want to have extra light coming out of the light buckets so many times, I've seen people using plastidip for the full scale, Unu […]

RC AVENTURI – Chrome Semi Truck Hauling Loader

RC AVENTURI – Duelling Traxxas Spartan Speed Boats and Two DJi Phantoms taking Aerial Footage

RC AVENTURI – Traxxas Spartan 4s Lipo vs 6s LipoRadio Control Speed Boat

RC AVENTURI – Traxxas Spartan – 6S Speed RunsRadio Control Boat