Testing the Micro Rc car

I finally got batteries like literally its been so long were finally test driving this this little car, deci practic, to put the batteries in all you need, is double ways put them in here and slide this back over turn that on and really really bright, light comes On and then turn that on […]

RC Multifunctional Warplane 😮😈 | RC F22 Warplane | RC Plane Unboxing and Testing Review

I got wasted when ive tasted, the sweetness of your lips, were not ready, were unsteady im stuck inside your way. Im going down down, știi tu, Muzica, no question of obsession has never been this close and dont matter, but rather just lock myself indoors, im righteous this virus. No dog or pill […]

Traxxas Maxx V2 (Revizuirea produsului)

Although theyre calling this a new truck, it does share most of its parts with the original max v1. There are three major differences. Prim, it has the wide max kit pre installed, which includes longer suspension, arms and half shafts to give the truck a wider, more stable stance. secundă, it includes the traxxas […]


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RC Drift Tank Stunt Car Robot Master 360° All Terrain Shooting Water Marbles | PRODUCT REVIEW

Welcome back to the channel in todays video, i have the bravo kids rc drift tank stunt car for kids. So this little drift tank stunt car truck whatever you want to call. It was sent to me by bravo kids. So the link will be in the description and they asked me to review […]

IT'S FAAAST 🚀// Hosim X07 – 10th scale RTR Brushless RC Car // Prezentare generală & Run

It is from hossim, but just before that i have a small update channel update. I guess i have this microphone for my camera. As you already know, i am using this microphone to make my voiceovers, so it is a bit too complicated for me and in take a lot of time for me, […]

Rc Car Sound System from G.T.Power

So this is the the car engine sound system from gt power. Highly appreciated that gt power sent me this for making a review and uh. I just want to show it on a smaller car, so for sure we can put it in a bigger car or a 110 scale drift car thats normal […]

RC Car Does Wheelies for Days! Tamiya Lunch Box Mini XSA Gold Edition | RC Driver

Its got to go into that thing right. There here were going to use this receiver. Let me see, domn, this might oh here we go this old tactic. What else do i need? I need, i think here we go speed controller. This will work hows it going everyone im greg with rc driver […]

Review of my New Bright RC Heavy Metal 1:18 Jeep Gladiator!!!! (Link is down below in description!)

It is so cheap its like for twenty dollars very, foarte, foarte cool. Oh, i love this. The matchbox land rover defender 2020 well see about it in another video, de fapt, a quick review in this video itself, vlog all right. So i want to review this thing and see how good this thing is. […]

국내 유일! 무상 A/S 가능한 입문용 RC카 9200E, 200E 리뷰 나래스포츠

Today I prepared a review of RC CAR for beginners.. Today I will proceed with a review from a beginners point of view.. The vehicles to be introduced today are products of PXTOYS and are divided into basic and high end models., And although the size of the vehicle is marked as 110, the actual […]

Cea mai bună mașină cu telecomandă BEZGAR 2022 | Seria RC licențiată

Subsolurile se întrec de-a lungul trotuarelor. Bezgar este un brand auto rc popular în lume, în special Statele Unite ale Americii. Se face o varietate de vehicule RC, inclusiv masini RC, mașini de curse de mare viteză, camioane monstru, cascadorii masini, crawlere rock și multe altele. Masinile bezgar RC sunt concepute atat pentru copii, cat si pentru adulti. Tu […]


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