Lucrarea Dorman Plymouth Keyless intrarea la distanţă de programare Set făcut nu

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Dorman 99164 Keyless Entry Distant

Programmable by consumer in lower than 5 minute
Comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions
Direct substitute to match the unique in type and performance
Out there as an entire meeting
Authentic Tools (OE) Quantity: 4686481AF

Dorman gives a wide range of Keyless Entry Remotes for a few of right this moment’s most in-demand automobile functions. Dorman’s direct substitute Keyless Remotes are designed to match the originals look and performance. Dorman Keyless Entry Remotes can be found as an entire unit, offering a fast and straightforward restore answer to misplaced or damaged Keyless Remotes.


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  1. But dis you check rpo code to see if its a function that would wirk?

  2. You times that too quickly fam, your 3 sec was 1.8 secunde.

  3. your problem might be the same as mine. I just bought a 2006 dodge ram cummins turbo diesel and was trying to get a keyfob to work in mine too. couldn't! went to my local dodge dealer only to find out after giving him my VIN that my truck didn't come with the keyless entry. and it was going to cost me over $300.00 just to get it installed if I wanted it. did a little searching online and found out that in my truck there's a factory module you can buy that plugs in on the back of the gauges and then you can program remotes and have keyless entry but they don't put that module in all of them so yours may just be like mine and there is no keyless entry module there to program it to.

  4. You need to turn the key all the way to the run without starting the car. Then do the steps, worked without the 2 min wait.

  5. Same kit worked for me 1st time.

  6. Hello my brother how to get this and how much price thank you

  7. Hello my brother how to get this and how much price thank you

  8. You used the wrong model. That’s why it didn’t work.

  9. اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على عبدك ورسولك محمدﷺ

  10. So I have 2 2003 Jeep grand cherokees one has a remote one doesn’t I just got this today and in the first Jeep I plugged it in it beeped 3 times then nothing remotes wouldn’t program I decided to try it on the other Jeep with the remote same year and model as the first I plugged the box in the red light on the bottom stayed solid unlike the other Jeep and the remotes both programmed after the initial three beeps I’m lost I don’t understand why it works on one but not the other they are literally the exact same cars

  11. Short, sweet and worked instantly for my Durango 2003. I truly appreciate it brother. God bless you and yours. Head on a swivel, the s* is soon gonna hit the fan. My home your home. Be well.

  12. are you sure that the battery are still good???

  13. My experience has been a little different. Eu am o 2003 Dodge Caravan Sport. I tried every combination with the included key fob and I would get chimes from the programmer so I know the battery was working but the fob still would NOT lock/unlock my doors. I had purchased some other key fobs and when I tried programming them, they worked right away. I don't know what the problem was but I'm happy. Still can't get the included fob to work.

  14. Actually just purchased that exact model from O'reilly. Eu am 2003 Ram 2500, it worked PERFECTLY….Done in 5 minutes sitting in O'reilly's parking lot. But then again, I followed the exact directions that came with the product.

  15. When you plug that device underneath the steering wheel you are supposed to wait for it to beep once then start your cycle as soon as you plug that device in it beats to let you know that it has power but then after those peeps then it beeps one time then you do that cycle you should try it that way

  16. true has been showned 🙂 thanks for real true video man

  17. Eu am o 04 Chevy impala and it didn't work for me neither 75 buck down the drain garbage there is no other videos show what to do when it doesn't work

  18. Dodge uses the unlock and panic buttons to program. Car will beep or chime to let you know it worked.

  19. That’s sad. I was hoping that the remotes would work.

  20. Ace Hardware had "chip keys" for my car for $60 Vs $300 dealership wanted. They also sell remotes, but I have no experience with that option.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Mr. Panda!

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