Hi welcome to aussie kicks on today’s show well we’re. Looking at re released cars, six of them. de fapt, my favorite top six, it was supposed to be top five, but somehow ended up six, so we’re going with it also comment below what’s, your favorite re release, car right let’s kick off with my number six, so in number six! Bine, it’s not going to be a surprise, is it it’s the 2011 evante that’s kit? 58489? Nwo, Evident, everybody knows the avanti it’s, the flagship car from tamiya. Now this is the reproduction in 2011 of the 1988 original, which i happen to have up here. So big fan absolutely love this car and obviously this re release spawned all the other ones like the egress and things like that, but really i’m, just focusing on this car. So what is it about this? That makes it get into my favorite re release cars? Bine, it’s a total icon, este, a fantastic reproduction it’s, very faithful to the original it’s, a beautiful kit and uh. It just screams. My childhood really, i remember wishing i could get one of these and then never being able to so seeing tamiya bring this out again. Was a fantastic thing for them to do, and also they’ve been doing, reissues on and off since 2011, as i was being able to pick up this one last year and i think we’re going to see another reissue again in a few months time.

So it means that, because there’s so many of them that have come out it, you do have the opportunity to get your hands on them, but they have got really expensive. Deci, din nou, it might be along the lines of you look at these and wish you wanted. Unu, but you can’t hold to get one like he was when you’re, younger and that’s a real shame. So personally, it’s better. If you can get one new inbox, when it’s released you’ll, get it a much better price and also the experience of building it um. So there you go so that’s. My number six let’s move on to number five at number. Five is the schumacher xls cat masami edition? Now a lot of you will know. I have a love hate relationship with this car, but it has to be in the list. It is an amazing car, if not a little bit frustrating but that’s only to build and work on to drive. Well again, it can be a bit tricky to set up as well so it’s, not really a kit to jump in as a beginner, dar este. Definitely one to have in your collection now this is a k172. Din păcate, it was just discontinued last year and they’ve all vanished off the shelves. So if you’re looking to get one they’re still available, but prices are on the up. So if you want to get one of these for your collection, mai bun, get it sooner rather than later, because they’re only going to go up and up and upand i can’t see them ever being produced again.

Da, lovely i’ll, put a link up here, go check that out. That was the building video of it all the detail build also. I have all in here all the option parts possible to put onto this car, so i will be doing a full strip down and rebuild of this car with all the details of all the carbon fiber parts and everything and then we’ll run it around the bug. Rack track but i’m psyching myself up for this one because having the idea of building it’s challenging enough, but the idea of dismantling it and then rebuilding it and being that i’ve got so many upgrade parts it’s. Practic, a full rebuild so i’ve got to set myself up for that. One and i’ve got to be in the right mood, because i can see that taking me about two or three days to do that, but that is the shoemaker xls and i wouldn’t be without one right. Let’S move on to number four right at number. Four is something that you probably didn’t, think of, and that is thisthe kershaw phantom ep four wheel drive pan car. Nwo, when i got this in really i got it in for the show to be honest and i’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. I love driving it it’s great fun, este, insanely, Rapid, it handles on rails and it’s, just oozing the 80s and 90s kind of styling, and i really love it now.

This kit is still available. You can pick it up. I wentand i had a look this morning and the next batch coming in is the 24th of february courses seem to be drip, feeding their classic sort of vintage range. Their re release range, so they kind of disappear, and then they come back again and they disappear. Parts are a bit of a pain, so getting hold of upgrade parts, for this is a bit of a challenge. So you’ve got to take that. But you know you’ve got to keep that in mind. If you want to upgrade it also, if you want to run it, i would try and source some replacement tyres and rims and body. While you can, because there’s no idea when this is going to be stopped and trying to find ties for it, afterwards are going to be impossible, so that’s something to keep in mind. If you want to see a building. Video of this i’ll put a link up here. De asemenea, i did a full chassis swap to carbon and i’ve put a brushless motor system in it from car show as well so there’s loads of content on the channel about this car and that’s. Because i’m, a big fan of it i’ve got extra wheels and an extra body, and i plan to keep driving this over the summer. For sure now, prices are currently 229 pound give or take and it’s, based on the original car that came out in 1983 and basically blew the competition away being that it’s, a four wheel, drive and it’s a chain driven now.

Every time i show people the chassis on this, they think it can’t be like that, because the actual chain rubs across the top of the chassis – Da, adică, exactly how it is and in the kitis a piece of plastic that you put across the top to Lower the friction of the chain going over the top and believe it or not, once you fit a battery in it rubs on the bottom of the battery as well, and you get another piece of plastic sticker to put on to protect the battery that’s, just how It is quirky and adorable, and i love the look of it right. Let’S move on to number three right at number: Trei, without any introduction needed, the team associated rc 10 gold, pan a true icon of a vintage buggy that changed everything. Now this came out a long long time ago and thankfully team associated put out on the 30th anniversary this. The re release kit, which isn’t an exact copy of it but it’s very close, but it was tweaked to be able to take a little bit more power and not to tread on the vintage toes of everyone who collected the vintage ones. But it turns out that the vintage ones and the re release ones are both so expensive. Now that they’re both desirable now, this kit came out in 2013. Deci, după cum vă puteți imagina, Da, it’s a reary kit, but it’s getting on in its own right and it’s.

So desirable, Deci, if you’re looking to add one of these to your collection, prepare to pay a few pennies for it. Nwo, if you’d like to see the body painting, video of this i’ll put a link up here, go check that out, dar este, just one that you’ve got to have in the collection. If you love vintage buggies, oh and it looks so good in its box, art colors and at number two well, it had to be on the list didn’t it, and that is the re release from tamiya that we haven’t even got yet that’s the top force evo. Obviously this is an original one, but soon later this year we will be getting a re release. Now this was released on the 16th of june 1992 and ran to 1997, and then we haven’t seen it since now, i didn’t think tamiya were going to ever bring out this buggy being that they brought the top force out, and then they brought out the high Caps for it and then you could get the carbon chassis means. You could kind of turn your top force into a top force evo, but thankfully that’s exactly what they’ve done now it’s due in may this year under kit, four seven, Patru: seven zero. The original kit was five, opt unu. Oh seven, îmi pare rău, my memory is not as good as it once was. So are you going to get one? Have you put an order down for one if you’re thinking about getting one of these just get it don’t wait because i’m pretty sure they will all sell out and it will be a mix of people that want to buy them to build them, and then people That will buy them and sit on them to flip them later.

So i can see the unit flying off the shelf i’ve booked mine already so hopefully, as soon as it arrives, i’ll get it on the show and i will build it for you guys and then we’ll take it out and blast it around the bug right track. So that is my number two and a massive take my hats off to tamiya for releasing such a true icon right, let’s find out what my number one best riri car is, and my number one best riri ever that i have experienced myself needs no introduction really It’S the turbo optima from koyosho, but stay tuned. I have an honorable mention, but let’s just look at why? I think this is the best re release car. You can get well from a history point of view. It had a massive following back in the day when it was released in 1986 and it was a out and out racer, so it really pushed buggy racing forward. So you’ve got the history of it. When kurosha went back and re released it, you didn’t just get exactly the same kit. They actually sprinkled some love on it and they improved the driveline. So it can take more power. De asemenea, they threw in the optional gold parts that were options from back in the day that you get and what really does it for me the fit and finish it goes together like a swiss watch, este, absolutely stunning, and in box art it just stands out.

It really does it’s, beautiful and that’s my personal opinion of why i put this as the best re release, but a few of you have got one of these, since i put it on the show and your feedback has been exactly the same. So i can highly recommend it. You can still buy this, but they’ll be expensive at 369 Lire sterline. But then you can understand what you’re getting for the money is just top quality stuff. Nwo, they’re still dripping them out, so you’ll be able to pick them up. The next as of this video, the next ones available, will be in april the 15th, așa că da. If you want one of these, i would definitely get it. While you can, because korea should kind of drip, feed out their classics and at some point they will stop them and then they’ll be gone forever and then you’ll be looking at spending spending a lot of money to get one. And i think everyone should have one in their collection for sure right. Let’S move on to the honorable mention, and my honorable mention is the tamiya vqs came out in december 2020, so it’s only been out a short time still available. Now you can pick them up. The only reason it didn’t really make it on the list was mainly because it’s so expensive. It put a lot of people off so, but if you i want one of these, you can still get them, but i haven’t seen them go into discount or anything like that, but they’re very readily available.

As of this video, acum, the release of this is pretty much true to the vanquish there wasn’t that much change so that another thing that kind of put people off was obviously it didn’t have any adjustments to the g11 part and some of the weak parts. Now the material that was used by tamiya is more modern and obviously it’s new, so they’re not as brittle as the vintage ones. If you want to see some videos on this i’ve got a whole load of videos on the vanquish building. When i restored this one and building this one, i put a link up here, go check that out so it’s a stunning looking car gorgeous. Obviously i’ve modified this one a little bit, because this one’s got carbon uprights and a carbon g11 at the back, dar eu sunt. A big fan, big fan and thanks for the vqs coming out, which means you can put new parts on the vanquish, which means you can drive them, because it got to a point where you could never drive them. Also it’s brilliant for tamiya to bring out a car again. I didn’t think that they were going to re release and hopefully we’ll see more releases from tamiya of cars that we just didn’t think we were going to get so there you go comment below what’s.