Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Edition Unboxing and First Review , TQI Remote and Lipo Charger

It’s an Wonderful Automotive!!!!!!! I adore it:) I obtained it for Christmas

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Widen 17mm HEX BRUSHLESS NUTS hubs E-MAXX Summit 3... NOI $20.11 ALIEXPRESS Cumpara acum
2pcs # 5334 ALUMINUM Axle carriers (L&R) For 1/10t... NOI $26.09
NOI $28.99
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2pcs Steel CVD Driveshafts Axles 5451X For Traxxas... NOI $35.99
NOI $39.99
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2018 Hot Racing Traxxas E-Revo Summit E-Maxx Brush... NOI $72.80 ALIEXPRESS Cumpara acum
Brushless Motor Traxxas E-Revo E-Maxx Creations Ca... NOI $77.80
NOI $83.66
ALIEXPRESS Cumpara acum


26 Comentarii
  1. How big is it compared to a traxxas e revo

  2. "Li-peh-oo." More goose fronting goin on everywhere. 😒

    Oo Fronting….tired of hearing it.

  3. Love your review!!! Don't listen to the haters. 🔥.

  4. you have yo buy the lipos sepritly

  5. my god this kid does love the suspension he keeps pressing it back and fourth

  6. That's not big at all compared to my baja 5b

  7. now i know why kane has so much fun with them and roman atwood

  8. rc are big and it looks like so much fun

  9. What are your thoughts of this emaxx vs the savage flux hp? Which would you prefer to buy or which breaks less?

  10. holly shit so anooying" wow wow wow every thing about this screams big. mabey try getting losi 5ive t. then say it "screams big"

  11. How can you afford that it's like 800 de dolari

  12. it is possible to put a aluminum chassis on a E-Maxx

  13. how many rcs do you have? theres like 4 in the background

  14. The battery are included with the rc itself, in the battery tray or in a box included

  15. srry,,but i had to subscribe just cuz how many cars u have im jealous

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