com and today we are going to unbox the best moisture truck. I have ever seen. It’S hyper, active storage, rg car. It is suspension, it is 4×4, Itis 2.4 Gigahertzi, Telecomandă. It comes in three colors and we can drive it high in that low and it’s a double sided vehicle. So you will get 10 percent off and you will use record hidden in the video on all the products that a fast price have so masteries with their website. Uh also have a preview right here on my right side and they have amazing products, so see the preview, so you can buy any of them so without wasting time. Let’S start unboxing Music i’ve been feeling so small watched a climb taking off the wall, but tonight up let it go spin. My coin for sure i’m gon na be myself Music, so one two: three Music, Muzica, Muzica, Unu, two three, deci Muzica, Muzica, deci Muzica, Muzica.