It was three presses and hold on four. I hope this helps someone else Music way better than buying from an auto electronic steeler. Who will overcharge you? I follow the easy directions and it works perfect. If you know how to google, you can find an instruction manual online for this. Just like original and a five year old can program excellent, buy Music. I needed a second key fob for my truck. I got my new fob in the mail today and took less than five minutes to program. I had to learn the hard way since their directions were not detailed enough, but if you have the original key fob then remove the battery and then follow the steps. I tried and it kept trying to reprogram my original fob, but after i took the battery out and then proceeded to program, it took matter of less than a minute. The new fob works great, just like the original i’m very pleased with the fob, but i never need to replace another one. Then i will definitely contact the seller works great and cheaper than going to your local car audio places, excellent and very good quality replacement unit.