I, like the silicone material. This covers my keys. Bine, i would buy again easy to pull over keys buttons match exactly not sure about wear and tear yet first day using fits key for 2016. Ford focus worked great for my 2016 ford focus, se the iphones were rubbed off and you could not tell which button was the lock or unlock anymore, and they plastic looked like it was chewed by a dog or a kid. This cover makes it look like brand new aside from looking and feeling nice. It helps protect the factory key fob from damage Music. În cazul meu, the printer had worn off the buttons on the ford fob itself, so this cover restored the to new looking condition, and now i can see which button does what works for its needs. Very nice and thick silicone makes your key look brand new, while also protecting your remote, easy to work also does not interfere with operating. Remote fits very snug. Product was as advertised. Quick.