I saved dollar over what i would have paid at a dealership. My spare key for my 2005 jeep grand cherokee laredo was missing a button and getting the whole key replaced is very expensive at the dealership. I saw someone on here saying they use this product to replace a missing button and it really did the trick for me. Save me over 100 on replacing the key. It was easy to remove the button from the casing and put it in my own key. I replaced the batteries and it works perfectly now. I have basically a brand new set of spare key without spending a ridiculous amount of money for dealership charges totally recommend this Music. The replacement key in case combination is exactly what i was looking for. Meu 2005 chrysler 320.. I bought my car using. It only came with one keyless bob and one great transponder key, and the keyless fob was held together with a huge ball of tape and the buttons didn’t work very well searching amazon was a bit of a chore. There are so many different styles of keyless fobs that it took quite a while finding a match to mine. În cele din urmă, after finding one that looked like mine by matching the picture posted and using the search section for my year, mate and model vehicle, i found one and ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived one full day earlier than expected. I was also happy to discover the new fob case and blank key appear to be identical to my old one, except the size of the screw.

That held the back cover on was about half the size of my old one. The transponder and battery assembly was easily removed from my old case and dropped right into place in the new one. I did find that a drop of three in one oil on the threads of the new screw that held the back cover on helped tremendously when screwing it in.