Varex remote control muffler.

Ignition DVD takes a take a look at the brand new noise decreasing muffler from X-Pressure exhaust.


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  1. How many inch for the secondary outlet?

  2. 12 years later, and you'll probably start to see a surge in orders from Californians.

  3. Do they make these that will work on a diesel truck?

  4. Everyone in California should buy this lmaooo

  5. Should I get that for my STi?🤔🤔😂😂

  6. This is perfect for the California law

  7. I can’t be this as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did I do with my spaghetti? Now I know! I was funny at you! Yo!

  8. You are going to be getting a lot of new customers from CALIFORNIA now after they passed a loud exhaust ban.

  9. Will need this in California. Because of the new shitty law

  10. All of y’all are idiots who don’t get aftermarket exhaust specifically for the engine. Unless you get your car properly tuned, which you probably don’t or don’t have money for, your car won’t run like it’s supposed to. In fact you’ll lose power because a lot of engines require certain back pressure. Just a heads up

  11. salut, i bought a car with xforce varex exhaust and the guy didn't remember the passcode on the apps. Is there a way i can reset the settting or how can i recover the passcode? Please advice. Mulțumiri!

  12. sound+ what for features? ;). run"s free local escapes.? saluts A.lack

  13. That opening looked HAMMERED LOL

  14. looks like a fart can. Turn any car into a silent drive by machine

  15. I thought about doing this to my R56, but just gonna stick with the single exhaust and make it louder. Awesome idea though to make it a dual exhaust running one each side. Looks unique but professionalreally well done.

  16. For those who just want to dial in their desired sound and leave it set, a manual adjustment could've been provided, unless it can also be set up by the owner.

  17. You can just add a blow off valve for the pressure release right ? Laugh out loud

  18. domn, I insert baffler into my silencer which significantly reduce the car noise.

    Any harm or causes to the engine working system like "ENGINE VALVES, CYLINDERS ETC" on inserting this muffler, ignoring the performance, efficiency, power pick up.

    I'm really concern on the engine system. Looking forward for your wise advise. Mulțumiri.

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