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Shopping for a distant begin or alarm system to your automobile could be tough as a result of it’s important to ensure you the merchandise you purchase work with one another and your automobile.

It is a actually frequent query: What Bypass Module do I want for my automobile?

A Bypass (aka Immobilizer Bypass) primarily interfaces along with your automobile’s pc, permitting the aftermarket distant begin to begin the engine with out the important thing having to be within the automobile. A Bypass is required when putting in a distant begin in most new autos.

A Bypass can be used to make putting in aftermarket alarm programs a lot simpler.

Need assistance discovering what Bypass you want to your automobile? Give us a name!

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25 Comentarii
  1. Eu am o 2007 Toyota Tundra and I've have the CA 5054 auto start alarm system. I lost my key and had to get a new one; when the key got programmed the auto start only whines the starter (seems as if it can't recognize the chip; can someone help)

  2. doesn't even have my car to search what i need

  3. Remake video in better description

  4. hi there, thank you for this great informative video.
    I have a question, as I need your help and advice.
    I have a Toyota fortuner 2014 (4L petrol engine) and I bought Viper remote start / security system 5607v. I need a bypass module to install the viper system to my car, but I couldn't find on your website anything about my car. could you please help me with that?
    thank you in advance for your help.

  5. iDatalink makes the original product and sells to Fortin and Omega.

  6. I went to the sonic website and when I had to add the trim ,which is SXT and press go , nothing happened. So much for help from them. I went to the Fortin website and typed in my car stats and when it asked for trim type all that was available was standard key. What the heck is a standard key . Neither website was useful .

  7. The questions we need answered are do we need original key, more the one and if not can we use the bypass to start the car using a key that does not have the chip

  8. If I use the one that requires the key inside does the key for ignition needs to be with chip too?

  9. Which omegalink would i need with my remote start on my 07 350z auto

  10. excuse me sonic electronics, you said that some of these modules can be used to unlock and lock doors, trunks so why some people install other brains with the bypass modules. together like audiovox, autopage, piton ,etc, it confuse me

  11. So if the key is left on the ignition (OFF position), there will be no need for the bypass anymore? Mulțumesc.

  12. firstech all the way compustar for the win

  13. Eu am o 4 channel rockford fosgate amp and when i hooked it up to my speakers instead of music playing all i could hear is static, is my amp not working or did i do something wrong ?

  14. Întrebare: Where do i start with building a double 12 inch enclosure for my car (sedan). (The trunk space is bigger then the actual openings.) I recently built a enclosure for my car. But by the time i finnished it and ready to fit it in. The enclosure was to big to either fit through the back of the car nor the backseat opening when the seats are folded down.

  15. Why would subs say 1000 watts but only handle 250 rms

  16. why don't you guys post up any more install videos those were always helpful and fun to watch?

  17. what is the closest speakers to Bose quality wise for a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS? Because I am wanting a surround sound feel.

  18. I have Honda Civic 2013, Can I connect 5906V Viper with this FORTIN module for remote start & viper Security, as previously the technician I hired for installing 5906v Viper, He told me that It cant be installed for remote start, I'll have to put the key inside car :/
    Can I fix that issue now with this module ?

  19. i wish viper would just allow everyone access to their directechs site.

    it sucks as a previous installer that is out on his own to not have full access to that wiring database.

  20. some store wants to charge me 500$ just to install the remot start in my car. is that good?

  21. I accidentally killed my sisters cat

  22. what do you recommend for a 2006 Ford Expendition Eddie Bauer? Interested in buying a remote start security system, but I don't have a clue on what to look for?

  23. what camera was used in this video?

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