A car mines got graphics on it and uh. This is mine right here, thats astons or subscribe to my channel and also subscribe to astons his channel is whats. It called a l, bros l, a l bros, with a zed on the bros hes, just hes, really new to youtube hes just made a channel so yeah lets get into this video yeah subscribe. ok, first well, show you how you turn the car on aston show them how you turn the car on well to turn the remote on you just flip that switch up switch and then to turn the car on you just flick that switch. There lets see the switch right. Can i see the switch just there yep little red switch off on im being working with my ipad, so its really shaky the lights are pretty good yep. You got lights, my cars noisy because its working quieter. This is a little bit noisier, Da, okay go for it, so it has two throttle rates: Da, Um, low and high and same with the steering here ill show. You look so lets have a look at the steering right, go full, lacăt, one way, aston and then press the steering right. I cant you hold the car. de ce nu? ok, ill hold the car, go full, lacăt, full, lock and press the steering wheel button see it moves. Yep goes a little bit further, not much though um and when you turn the remote off.

It goes back to default and then look. This is default speed and then this is high speed. Bottom one yep that now this is high speed, Heres, a difference so with the with the remote here you got a throttle rate and steering rate s rate and t rate. T rate is throttle um. So this is high, it goes once and its high press, it again press it again and then its low flashes, twice and so low, ok, take it for a spin, okay and first lets get it like just enjoy. Looking at that hard body, but youve got all the detail in the tub on here, you have to put pretty cool underneath as well yeah. It even looks like a real transmission and stuff. You turn this over back over and also spare wheels. We put on these mirrors um, tu nu, have a shiny, reflective thing to go in there, ive got it on mine, seeing it lovely and shiny and we did install those on. We just havent put the stickers on yeah there. It is on mine and uh tail light stickers and number plate. Îmi pare rău, i cant video everything so im gon na take it for a drive, aston yep uh, fully proportional, steering and throttle as well. So that makes it good and at night time or when its dark. Your lights, Theyre, Deschide, Theyre, really bright, um dont, know how fast it goes on high speed but its decent um overall theyre, a really cool truck theyre.

Împrejurul 60 64 Dolari. We got these from um. Their wpl is the company d12 d series theyre real theyre. I highly recommend getting one theyre, just like theyre great for beginners to learn to use rc cars. So once you get a bit more experience, you can use high speed um, bring it up resting im, just going to have a look at the suspension here. You might go blind here, but so with the back suspension, you dont have much uh much travel, but you do if its flexing and then look at the front and then with the front youve got a lot. Youve got um its independent from suspension. What do they see no spring, but i think its um theres a spring in the part where it moves and then youve got your leaf springs here. Um, you can do um an upgrade to them and make sure theyre all there yeah thats, where the battery is as well. You open that little batteries, your batteries in there, îmi pare rău, which is pretty cool, and you just turn you literally just turn it onto it. Deci, with the leaf springs, you can um lift it up because it does sit really low in the guards and youve got not much trouble. So you can take those that bit off the top and um put it on the other side of the axle and then put um. I think you put the longer one of these on the black leaf spring um, and then you can put the shorter one on.

If you want more high this front wheel, spins good uh, yeah ball bearing wheels, um dont know what the motor is or the gearbox or whatever. Although the drive shaft is plastic, the diff, thats plastic im, pretty sure you got metal gears yeah. What were you going to say, austin and when youre driving to a wall and youre still going forward to make it go forward? Usually your back wheels just lock up and then the front lights here flush? Bine, they dont lock up its just. They kind of move. Da, the motors not strong enough yeah, oh um, it is a locked diff because they are meant for drifting and, după puteți vedea, theres there is a little bit of you know. Youve got to play, but youll always have that and you can see im not im im turning it very lightly and look the suspensions already moving its. It is actually really light suspension the front its a bit too hard for the body and the bodys weight yeah. So front move to the back, not much you can carry stuff in them um and if youre gon na, if its gon na flex, you got a bit better see because it hits um on the body along here only just on the outside of the tyre and If you lift up your suspension, as i was saying before, you can fit bigger tyres on it and um to lift up your front suspension.

What you can do is with um those arms. You can put the blow torch, în, pretty sure on them, even though theyre plastic and you can straighten them out, and that will give you a decent lift in the front. And this is and then youve got your linkages and i think you have to warrant them out then, maybe maybe not not sure yeah surveys really quick lets see if we can get their remote, its pretty cool remote. It feels uh, it doesnt feel cheap. Its got like a smells expensive, Nu, it doesnt so its good. The plastic is isnt like hard plastic, it um has a bit of a rubber feel to it. Da, it doesnt feel cheap, but it feels inexpensive, its its just overall, its a great car and then ive got stickers the lights flash. If you turn it off uh the lights are yellowish um.