Now the car was released uh before christmas, uh back in 2020, and a few of the guys in america were running it and uh. There was some pretty uh average uh results in terms of what was going on with the uh lower arm um. What was being reported, Şi – and this is certainly something that i didn’t experience myself having run the car of the car um back in uh november december time in 2020, people were having some huge whacks by the sounds of it, and this lower arm here uh was Actually splitting or delaminating, am spus, this is certainly not something that i experienced. I went to eastbourne car club with stu baba and g williams, a good friend of mine, good friends of mine, and we ran the car all day and we had some some fairly aggressive clips, uh with barriers, etc. Uh cars were flying across the track and if you haven’t seen uh the clip of me running the x2 ray uh x21 for the first time, it’s on my uh on the channel uh go check that out um and also it’s quite interesting because of the reports That were going on through uh the uh forum, the x ray forum and and various forums um people uh that were at the track. That day kind of there was a big gasp in the room to think. Oh, is that going to be? It is that they broken well.

I can tell you that myself and my two friends ran the car all day, big hits and uh without any issue. But having said that, cred, with the new generation of uh 12th scale, cars now um we’re, all looking for something that is bulletproof and the guys at moody falls. Remo has come up with an option part here, uh that is going to hopefully resolve any issues alex hagberg. He uh showed the way of just taking out the stress point of the lower arm. In case you have a bit of a whack on on track. So remo at moody falls came up with this cracking idea. They’Ve, given you the uh the opportunity to take away the need to go hunting for nuts and bolts and came up with this really nice sort of shim, stroke, washer, um and nut built into one so i’m, just going to walk you through how to fit it. Este., the first time i’ve seen it and fitted it so there’s a shim on the bottom here, Umm este, going to be a fairly simple fit and change here, Sunt.. Just going to take that shim off the bottom there and, as you know, those of you that are x ray guys you’ve got uh little notch in the lower arm to fit the kingpin in now gon na slot the nut on the bottom and that’s it she’s Fixed a really really nice option, part there for you to uh pop on your x ray x, 1221.

These are retailing at 14.99 for the pair. They weigh one gram. So really no issues in terms of additional weight that x, 12 21 car is a light car. Oricum, with all the electrics i’ve put in i’ve, had to pop an extra 15 grams on to bring her up to weight so it’s an incredibly light car, which is always a good thing and there they are they’re fitted on really really really simple idea fits the Uh the arc of the uh lower arm there and uh is a simple upgrade to protect you from any incidentals that you might come up against through a bit of a whack on track, really simple stuff. The link is going to be in the bottom of this. Video so you’ll be able to uh click the link free postage, Cred că 21 in the ukand you are done ready to go fantastic, Uh, fantastic work by uh reema moody falls really appreciate the exclusive as usual remo, thanks very much for that and uh.