He even talks here’s the controller for it. It’S pretty nice, and sometimes he doesn’t. He gets the also there’s. This cool feature: Music, Music. Okay. Now let me just turn back normal mode all right and he has some cool features: robot dance, dance, oh there’s, the rc car. He said yes, now: he’s dancing, Music. Okay, Music where’s, he going, i don’t, know he’s going over there. Let me get him closer Music, so here all right, let’s just finish this off by a cool thing, so you can tell them all right. This is the this is. This is the rc car. This is Music. This is the bottom oops robot. Sorry, let me turn off my robot real, quick, all right, and then this is the bottom side of the rc car here’s, the top side here’s, the first here’s, the side there’s the back of it here’s the side too. All right, here’s, the front of the robot. You turned him off, so he won’t be having any eye and then here’s the side, here’s, the back and here’s the other side and here’s the bottom and pop you in the back and then draw and the controller has. This is on the back side. You know and then there’s this extendable antenna. It goes really far. Yes, all right, so it’s pretty fast, Music, all right, so this is going to be the end of this video guys if you liked it, please subscribe at 10 000 subscribers.

I am going to reveal my face and maybe my brother’s face and then we might do some reaction channels, some reaction channels, yes and maybe vlogs.