, i’m, not sure if you’ve ever seen version one looks kind of the same, but they have a few improvements Here and it’s been one of my favorites, you know for for the money, the um, the the realism of it, the detail, the fact that it’s licensed all pretty cool and they they made a couple cool updates. So hang in there find out more from rock hobby. Something cool is they’re, calling it the toyota land cruiser, and the key here is its license. They ponied up paid the money they’re going legit and what they have is a hard body vehicle and very detailed rhino bumpers, roof rack all that clear, clear windows, very clear, lexan uh, not lexan, um plastic, but has an interior super cool. Nothing opens not the doors on open, but the hood opens, which is pretty cool because it’s always handy to access your battery. Your on off switch is right there. So there you go and look at this. All the detail is something to marvel at. You know it’s at the level of some of the rc4 wheel, drive vehicles, but in a smaller scale. 1 18 is the size of this ready for lights on the roof. I believe yeah there’s no lights there, but there are lights on the vehicle itself and it’s. The classic, oh shoot classic rock hobby left right left right. Uh signal tail light as well, but check this out that’s the reason why the lights are not on because it’s a channel.

Oh, what about that? Huh that’s so cool something you find in much more expensive models and here’s. The modulation hear a lot of noise before the movement Music. There we go so that’s, actually pretty cool i’m going through some obstacles, but you can see. I maintain speed, not bad and then something cool too is top speed. I’M, not sure if the old one had this much power, but i believe they upgraded the. Where is my old one? I believe they upgraded the uh the motor on this, so Applause. So this is the old one, so pretty similar, i upgrade the wheels pretty similar, but something very key is this was not licensed i’m, not seeing a toyota logo, but pretty similar, so version two right. The layout has changed as well just subtle changes, and i think one of the key differences i see is they improve the steering radius whenever you have a small vehicle like this steering radius is key. Why? Because you don’t have a lot of space to play with and whenever you could play at a at a desk or table that’s, pretty cool, so sex actually sx24 is the champ of this, but uh this one does pretty good Music. So let me try to do the same thing with the old version just to see if there is a difference in punch. Okay, so same thing, you turn on the lights lights there we go so well. The steam radius is pretty good too, on the old one.

Music little known fact, you can adjust the the end points of this uh with the trim buttons if you’re already uh steering already okay let’s see the punch might be about the same. Oh definitely, i’m feeling feeling a little more pop, a little more love. So there you go still undone shocks but it’s. Okay, um good articulation on these bad boys, but super cool toys for little kids and big kids, rock hobby fms, toyota, land cruiser lc 80., so check the links in the description and and subscribe we’re going to do a lot more reviews of little cars and big Cars we’re going to do a shootout of everything all right.