These were sent to me by the lovely people at head start toys. I think there we go head start toys and uh. This is in australia. Only twenty dollars for this, like remote control, uh car set. I know nothing about it, except what we can see on the box here, which is like you have your own customized track. Uh. You pull the trigger to make the cars go just like a normal slot track, um there’s glow in the dark glow in the dark uh. What do you call that track? Nitro boost, which i don’t understand real racing sounds uh pass anywhere any place on the track. I don’t understand that so um we’ll find out what all this means: 10 feet of speedway, that’s, quite big and, like i said, it’s only twenty dollars, which is uh insane, so yeah we’ll we’ll see how they managed to make this so cheap. I can see it comes with two cars uh, the remote control, one remote control. How does that work for two cars? Maybe maybe that’s something but anyway, because i don’t know much about this we’ll open it up. We’Ll see how they manage to make it so cheap. If it’s junk, because you know usually there’s a reason why things are cheap, so we’ll check it out, we’ll see if it’s worth getting and if it is decent, even if it’s halfway decent for ten dollars, ten australian dollars, fifteen ish us dollars um.

It would be worth getting just just just because it’s the price and a slot car set without having to worry about all the all the pain that comes with like the the old fashioned sloth car sets um, it will be very cool, so anyway, we’ve opened the Box, i just kind of did it while talking i’m sorry, sometimes there’s a bit more ceremony around it. It comes with an empty bag if that’s, what you’re after lots of stickers. So i guess that’s to customize, the car looks like you can choose which color you want to which color decals you want for your car. So a bit of customization there lots of stickers to help decorate the track. Uh let’s go through the pieces very quickly. I won’t do it in detail, but we’ve got a bridge a wide bridge. It looks like you can have two cars um, a cable there. Maybe a charging cable i’d say. Actually, we don’t need this out of the bag. Maybe we do let’s have a look basic charging cable. I saw back here. This is the controller and it doesn’t feel like it comes with batteries. It’S quite light. Uh there’s a trigger there very cool, looks i wonder what that little little doohickey up the top does well, maybe we’ll find out uh cool. Okay, as you can tell, i’ve, read no instructions i’m, simply just eyeballing this and seeing how we go now we got the track here.

This looks like it’s some sort of curve or loopy loop let’s. Try placing these things together. Ah easy: okay, nice! There we go it just slotted together, very well, let’s just put this one in two: no, it doesn’t go there. Maybe it goes here, maybe i’m not meant to use it here at all. Okay, we’ll probably link that for later uh we got looks like starting starting tracks, which i think i can pretty safely put together. There we go somehow second to go together. It looks like it should. It’S gon na be a little bit tricky lining it out pinch myself lining it all up there. We go okay, so that’s in pretty good. So far the quality isn’t amazing but it’s, because this is just like kind of plastic but um. It doesn’t feel like it’s, going to break anytime soon, like it doesn’t feel like it’s any worse a product because of the plastic type, uh quality of the plastic and it clips together better than some other ones. I’Ve seen like that’s, pretty sturdy, considering it’s just going to be sitting on the ground like it’s, not going to come apart, which is cool um, so so far, so good i’m happy with the quality for the price uh. Now this is the curvy track. They mentioned very cool, and a lot of these you just connect together the same way i’m working out that it’s just a bit of a push there.

We go very nice, very easy and just more track over here, it looks like we’ve got the cars uh. This looks like i think they mentioned converters where you go from like two tracks to one: maybe that’s what this is i’m, not sure what these are, but we’ll i’m sure they’ll come in handy. Oh, this is orange track, but it looks like it does. The same thing very cool uh and we saw the cars somewhere – i’ve lost them here we go and then the two cars let’s just slot that out we go okay. So do these come no batteries in them, which is a nice sign like uh no places for putting batteries, so hopefully they’re rechargeable see how there’s, like a little slot, they’re a little hole. I don’t know if you can see there’s a little there you go. You can see a little piece of metal, so uh that looks like you charge the cars up, possibly with that thingy let’s just see again: i’m, not we’re. Reading instructions – i’m just gon na experimenting here all right. I might wait for the instructions because, oh no, there we go there. We go okay, that that’s slotted in very neatly so i’m, guessing that’s. How you charge that? Maybe you put a battery in here or this somehow, oh yeah. Okay, maybe you can charge these just there through a usb port? Okay, even nicer uh there’s a switch at the bottom of the cars.

Oh look lights, there’s little leds at the bottom, that’s cool. So if you want to have a lights, you can and there’s a light flashing at the top there um again, this has no battery, so i won’t be able to do much with the cars yet, but we’ll turn you off, okay and this one. This is well. This is like a different one: wow, okay, so that’s turning on. Why did the other one not have that big switch it’s got the little switch for the leds, maybe that maybe it charged somehow okay let’s just put that in there. While we look around and check out these instructions, so actually i won’t make you guys wait. While i read the instructions, i’ll get back to you in one minute and explain how all this works and the only other thing i need to show you is there’s a boost. So when you’re racing, if you want your car to go like super fast, all of a sudden, you push this button at the back and it gives your car a boost. So you’d be pulling down the trigger to make it go around the track normal speed, then, when you’re ready for it to go super fast, you push down the boost button and we’ll. Give that a try in a second once we’re, once we’ve set up the track and we’re ready to race. Okay, here we are so i’ve set up the track as well as i can.

My stage is a little bit too small to get the whole track in one kind of scene here, but there we go uh, but there are lots of different shapes and sizes and different uh configurations for your track. So these are just the three it comes with, but there is a lot more um and also i haven’t used all the parts. I have that kind of like big kind of curly kirby uh that piece there, the one that kind of curves up on the side of the wall. I still haven’t even used that piece um, but anyway we’re good to go so first thing, we’ll do is turn on the oh it’s already turned on. Oh, i think it’s already paired up with the car too. I know cars not turned on so turn that on now, if we turn this off and then turn it back on, hopefully it will um match up with the oh look. It’S already done, oh that took like zero effort to make them calibrate with each other. Now one very cool thing, and forgive me if there’s an echo, because the microphone is not that close to my mouth now, um one very cool thing is you know how we noticed that this car was going by itself. This is what they call a pace car. So you set the speed you wanted to go to and if you’re playing this by yourself um, then you can just use this car and race against the car.

We’Ll. Do a quick test run now, we’ll put it back there. Three two one, okay go, go! Go! Why are you going backwards? That is not working. What did it do? Okay, wow, okay, no, now it’s working, wow cool, oh no, keep stopping there. We go. I only check on that’s his problem. Oh, no, okay, let’s, try that again so we’ll make sure he’s all matched up. Okay. There we go he’s happy now, we’ll get the pace car again, which was a little bit too fast. He was doing really well yeah, three, two one. Ah Music. Okay, there we go oh too fast. I didn’t even use the boost so much like the old slot cars. You better control the speed you can’t, just let it go full speed at all times. You got ta be a little bit strategic ah around for this. Oh no, okay! This is cooler than i thought i i didn’t know. You’D have that much control over the speed using this. Just that you do um. Okay, i’m gon na get started again. You ready, okay, three, two one go fast. Ah too fast i got ta slow down. Okay, see i keep going too fast and making him go off the track. So what we’ll do? Oh, i want to test out the boost. So what we’ll do is i’ll move this somewhere, where you can see it a little bit better and then we’ll uh do another race.

Now here we are outside uh. This way you can see the full track in all its glory and we’ll. Try a few different configurations as well um, but you can see it’s got the booster car going, not the booster car, the pacer car going around the track at the moment. Now that pesa car has three different speeds, so you know slow, medium and fast and you kind of want to choose a speed depending on the complexity of the track. So if there’s heaps of sharp corners, then maybe don’t make it go full speed. Otherwise, it’ll fall off the track, a lot um now with using your own car. You want to be a little bit strategic on when you accelerate, because if you hold your finger down all the time, including on sharp corners or or going over, that bridge works a bit like a jump. So it gets a little bit of air and then can come off the track easily. So you’ve got to like learn to pull your finger off the accelerator just before corners or during corners or before that that bridge um, because yeah otherwise you’ll find yourself going off the track and losing the race um. Another thing too, i worked out is if your controller gets too far away from your car, like maybe over a meter away from your car, then it loses the signal and your car will slow down and stop so you don’t want that so make sure like, while You’Re racing just to always keep your controller like yeah, your controller, with the trigger uh kind of close to where your car is just in case.

You get a big track. You don’t be walking away or swinging your arms around, while driving and and your car loses a connection to its controller but that’s about it. Otherwise, it feels just like a slot car track without all the messing around it’s kind of cool, how they can smash each other out of the way, um it’s extremely cool, that you’ve got that pacer car or pace car, so that you can play it even if You’Re, just by yourself, uh, it’s, very, very cool here we are we’re back inside now. I just wanted to quickly show you a few things: i’ve learned, uh, here’s, a booster car and it’s amazing that it’s got those four different speeds i mentioned them before, but i don’t really get to show you but that’s uh speed, one two and oh, no that’s, B3: okay, we skipped one um and then here is the car itself. Now i’ll show you the sound. So if you pull this, have i got it turned on? Oh no, there we go. Oh no turn the car. Okay. Now let them find each other. I think it already has there: we go okay, so here’s the sound effects. Okay, now use a booster, very cool booster time, so yeah very, very cool um, and also, if you want this to last long, because i can’t see any way that this would break. Except for these tiny little clips there, so if you want this track to last longer, simply don’t pull it apart too often just set up the track, leave it as it is, and only like.

If you really have to then change it, and also, if you do want to pull it apart, like pushing pushing it together, you simply just push it together by pulling it apart, give it a twist and then pull it out, and it seems to put less strain On the little plastic pieces there, but um yeah, if you want it to last longer, just don’t break it up, just pull it apart and you’ll be fine um, but otherwise for twenty dollars. It’S amazing, good value, um i’ve, seen these at kmart. I don’t know where else they are, but they definitely are at kmart at the moment for twenty dollars, uh approximately fifteen us dollars uh, if you like this toy or if you like this video, let me know by clicking the thumbs up like button subscribe. If you have not yet already subscribed and don’t want to miss out on any future videos, i’ve turned it off, damn it that would have been cool um, but guys. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this toy um or, if there’s, any other toys. You want me to to review for you but um. Otherwise, thank you for watching have a great week take care of yourself and i will catch you next time.