But when I was clicking the pairing button, I wasn’t even getting like that green light to flash here so I’m gon na see if I can go through the same circumstances, to recreate the issue and see if I can fix it with what’s been working here. So I’m gon na reset this remote so that it’s no longer paired with my Roku player, and you do that just by clicking home back and the reset button at the same time. So I’m gon na do that here and you do that for three seconds and then once you do that for three seconds, you’ll get that green light to blink a couple times, and then your your controller will no longer work. Well, it works it’s, just it’s, not paired, so so right now, it’s not paired, and then what I wanted to do was just pair it again, and I click this button on the back for three seconds, one: two three and it’s not pairing, and I was like What the heck’s going on so I tried a bunch of different stuff and let’s see if I can get it to work again this time. But I took the batteries out of the back of the remote it’s kind of hard to do this with just one hand, but so no batteries in the back and then the next thing I did was I unplugged the Roku player and then I put the batteries Back in the remote oops make sure they’re positive goes to positive negative goes to negative, alright, so and then, once I put the batteries back in the mote, you can see that it’s blinking on and off.

So then we’ll plug this Roku player back in to read. Set it and get it back to you know, starting up and seeing that blinking green lights, a good sign I’m, not exactly sure why, when you reset the remote that it doesn’t, let you pair it again, but taking the batteries out, it seems to kind of I Don’T know reset something so that it can actually pair itself again so firing up the Roku player here and the remote right now is asking the Roku player to get it going here. So then, as you can see right when we get to the home page here, it says the remotes pairing I don’t even have to click that pairing button on the back and right back to working I’m, not sure if this will work with remotes that aren’t the Ones that came with your Roku player in my 8, I’m, not sure, but so that’s. You know it took me a while to figure out. I was thinking that I broke in my remote or something cuz it wasn’t pairing or working at all. But then I just tried out some different stuff. I tried disconnecting my Wi Fi. I tried a whole bunch of different scenarios and the one that I found that worked was taking out the batteries unplugging the Roku player, putting the batteries in there back in the remote and then plugging the Roku player back in and that got the green light.

Flashing. Again so I hope this helps other people out there that might think that they have a broken remote because it’s no longer pairing but that’s. What was able to fix it for me, so I have another video on just how to pair a Roku remote in general. You can find that at my channel, but that’s just how to pair a remote just the normal way that it tells you to on the settings remote screen. I’Ll just show you here real quick and then once you go to settings, I’ll just go back through their settings, then you go down to remote and then you can click pair remote and it gives you these instructions on how to pair a new remote with your Roku player – I was just doing that in that other video, so also what’s, really important is that you have a Roku remote that’s compatible with your particular Roku player. So this one I’m not exactly sure how all the compatibility works with these Roku players. But if you have like a Roku, stick remote I’m, not sure if it’ll work with the Roku 3 – and this is a Roku, 3 remote and I’m I’m – not sure if it would work with a Roku stick but anyways yeah, so that’s going to do it.