This is a cheaper one. It’S got proportional right and left go slow, as you want proportional steering tram three for this RC. I can use three for any of these, or i can even any other radio control I want just unless they’re cheap ones. This is around fifty to sixty dollars. Now I got on ebay, RIT I’ve CT and I got three of them cuz. I like this system, so it’s got good, steering, good driving and the one I use for this one that I not this one, but I have two of these three sorry. I came with just wait this hot one. What there you go came with that one. You see it in the last videos if you haven’t, looked at my new channel RC by RC, show you thought of batteries, but show you see. Let me this see proportional steering, proportional everything yeah, this remote has a standard red line on it. My other one has just RT x18 sit for long distance, see I subscribe to my channel for videos like this.