You know up up close look. The only thing i don’t like about this car is one thing: it’s, the name why they just call it a mockie that would have been a great name for this car. Why put the mustang on it should have a ford badge right there. I think i would even probably switch them out to ford badges. I, like the doors too. Oh look at that. Has the keyless entryoh wow, it is nice inside too, was this guy living in this car. Oh, i don’t like that. That’S, even worse than the tesla, that thing is disgusting: why would they do that? It feels like you could take it with you. I’Ll tell you the outside is nice. I like this little, i don’t know. Oh it’s got banging offset yeah wow. Well, all the fords. Do oh yeah yo, you know what this looks like. This looks like 2001 space odyssey with the red light in there Music. I guess it’s on or no no press, it again, i’ll press the button. Oh you got it where uh so i’m used to that uh. Stupid tesla, just as like always on 50 charge. Oh the doors are dry, so nothing will move. Can i drive this? Not here? No, no, no! All right, i’ll drive it where’s, the other one. Let me look at the other. Let me draw the other one. Just around, i only want to drive it on the lot just to see.

How much is this 53, and this is rearwheel, drive right yeah, but i don’t even yeah. I don’t know how you get out of this thing. Oh here we go android auto all right. What else we got that’s it where’s. The nav let’s see how the nav looks kind of almost looks like a phone. You know what i mean like uh, i don’t know: oh yeah. Nothing will work because it’s charging right. All right, let’s take a look at another, not bit underneath you know could use a little bit more room like all of them, but i guess what everything service this comes out. Hey, bed, i like it! So what the x doesn’t mean all wheel drive now. Nobody knows anything about these cars that’s a problem yeah. They just make all these crazy cars, but i got ta say you know what the fit and finish seems a lot nicer than the tesla i’ll. Tell you that right now, yeah! This is kind of weird. I mean really and it’s, not even nice, to grab i’m sorry but that’s like a rubber piece. What were they thinking? Oh let’s, see not the worst hey. You know another thing i don’t understand about all these electric cars. Why the hell do they put glass roofs in all of them? These things struggle with air conditioning and that’s. Why you eat up so much electricity when you’re driving? I don’t understand that. Why put a big, ass, freaking uh glass roof on all these? This is, i don’t, know it’s kind of weird hey.

At least the tesla can open up the door for you all right. Oh it’s got to be that close. There we go 121 miles now. Let’S really try to get into this thing. Let’S see next ev charge. How you remove this stupid thing, yo, how the hell they put this on the thing’s like majorly on there, okay trip let’s, see not like any of it makes sense. Climate use. Okay, so it’s telling you a whole bunch of stuff. This trip, oh heated, steering wheel. We definitely don’t need that. Why is oh, this thing’s in celsius it’s difficult just think about that? I don’t need no air. How do we shut that off? Let’S shut that? Oh, no, there we go off. Oh! So what it doesn’t show me anything about the car dynamic parking. Okay, all right here we go ah finally, drive modes whisper, unbridled. What unbridled is when it’s all the poweroh yeah, yeah, okay, whisper, i guess, is what nothing right. Yeah parking camera let’s see the cameras all right cameras. All right, i’ll tell you. I like the dash. I just don’t like this ipad, it’s terrible. Why would they do that? Oh wow it’s, pretty cool, not bad, not bad.