This car it’s called the cheapest four wheel drive rc car and it is of course a 1 10 scale model um, and i got this one it’s pretty much a similar to a shockwave, tornado um. You know that that kind of car is a buggy and i actually got this one, the one with the metal right now, это 113. I bought it for 68 dollars with the whole thing like include everything in metal, including the platform. Now i would strongly recommend it to get in plastic and i can go over that later on, but there’s it’s actually a very good way. You can buy without wheels. If you have some and of course this doesn’t come with any electronics, so you have to buy electronics. Now some people can say well. This is probably the cheapest way to buy a car. Хорошо, Да, и нет, you can get. You can save up to 100 Баксов. 80 bucks around there, depending of what electronics you want to put here, um but um. But again you know the whole point of this is you would get um? You have to have the time and to assemble the car because it comes completely um unassembled completely. All the parts comes um in bags and then, of course you have to build it. I i actually you can buy. This is pretty much like a volcano or like a s30 from redcat. This is pretty much a volcano. You can see the bumper like the old, uh style, volcano bumper.

The new volcano would bring the other different bumper, which is a little bit better, but i mean still it’s a great car now on the volcano or this uh one. I will. I would definitely recommend the the platform, Сооо 8416 is pretty much very cheap, and this this would make a great car, especially because it comes with all aluminum and, Конечно, there’s different wheels in here and and in this case, without real for 69. I would just get this one, который является 84 bucks and that’s whatever you uh find in here um. I never tried like this uh, you know with the battery charger and all that i think you can get this cheaper here in in the states of amazon but um there’s different styles and all that um. This is pretty much full metal. Но опять же, i i just got this one. This is the car that i’m gon na show you Music. So this is pretty much what you get in the package, all the parts normally plastic on the side, um the front shaft, задняя, shaft and um all the metal and all the plastics. The differentials are completely apart, так что вы можете. You have to assemble that and, Конечно, the chucks with no oil. It took me a couple hours to build it, but it was very fun Music. Oh everything has been pretty good, except for this part, this is the radio tray that’s, what they call it.

It’S aluminum and it was short so pretty much. They sent me the wrong thing. I got the replacement and everything was good Music. So there you have it here. The product almost finished um. It actually looked pretty neat. The only bad thing that i found, which is not really bad, is like the the wheels are very stiff. You know like that they don’t they don’t move uh as free as i want it, but it could be that i put um too much increase in the differential uh or the type of grease that i used Music. You can see the purple tray in the middle right now and it was. I used one of my volcanoes um just because i didn’t want to wait until i got the return and all that but um, but hey it’s, это, pretty nice it’s a pretty good.