We have got this little eachine 10 super truck, so it’s a 118 scale, it’s brushless. They reckon it’s good for 45 kilometers an hour um i’m, not sure it’s, going to be good for 45 kilometers an hour, but we’ve got the gps speed meter in there. A lot of you asked about that: that’s sky, rc, gps, there’s, a link in the description for it and there’s also a link for this in the description but yeah eachine, e80 10 speed truck 4×4 speed percentage bill bill 4 rock anyway, let’s switch it on let’s. Give it a run see how fast it goes, get a bit of a bash around and see how we get on train that’s, a quiet one. I know i’ve got a few train spots in the subscribers, so that’s for you right switch it on. So i think they may have made a mistake in the uh description on this. It says 2440 kv motor that is very low for something this size. I don’t know if that’s the actual motor size rather than the uh, the kv of it, but anyway, hmm it’s. Definitely not 45 kilometers an hour. Surprise. Surprise, let’s see how fast it actually is. Shall we so gps is recording answers on a postcard. I reckon 25 kilometers an hour there’s a brushed version of this as well that they say does 35 kilometers an hour? Are we even gon na get that speed? I’Ll tell you what guys i will turn the throttle rate up.

First, it was on 50., so there’s a throttle rate on this. You can turn it down to slow the car down that’s. What i had it on. I don’t 50. it’s a little bit quicker now, but still not 45. coming in little guy. What are you stop? 27 kilometers an hour. Oh dear it’s, a shame it’s not a bit faster. That kv of the motor might actually be true, but just a bit random. 2440 kv, i mean it’s nippy, Music Applause, it’s, a nice pink color. We like pink on this channel don’t. We they also do a yellow one. I believe uh, three wire servo metal dog bones. It feels like it’s got metal gears as well as in you can sort of feel when you roll the wheels it does feel like the axles or the axle gears may be metal, um, yeah it’s, not bad Applause. If it was any faster with that short wheelbase. It’S, probably going to be pretty hard to handle, but not about a little truck for the kids, probably wouldn’t buy one. For me i mean my daughter’s gon na love this because of the color so we’ll. Let her have it, but overall not bad let’s. Go on a bit of rough stuff so that little four wheel drive working fine on this, so difference between a brushless and a brush. I mean this comes with a little 1200 milliamp hour. Lipo you’re gon na get a decent amount of run time, but you get a decent amount of runtime it being brushless the brush, probably not so much.

They tend to drain the batteries a little bit more, not quite as efficient got a little punchy little car i’m. Not sure what chassis this runs on it’s, probably a generic one. I do recognize it definitely recognize the wheels they look very super tech, um, so yeah or px toys. Oh, oh, we got an engine now, listen, it needs a sound kit. It’S, not bad. At the price point now, i think it’s about eighty dollars, maybe ninety dollars, you’re kind of talking, your wl toys, one four, four or even the uh. You get a decent deal, the one two, four zero one: nine or zero one eight, which a bit better than this it’s, not a bad little truck, though definitely uh worth considering for the kids, especially because you can turn that throttle dual rate down so it’s a Bit slower, like i said i probably wouldn’t, buy it for me, uh it’s, more definitely more of a definitely one for the kids, if they’re just getting into the hobby there’s a link for in the description, i’m gon na switch cameras.