We’Ve done jumps on our normal ramp. We’Ve done jumps on the t, bone, air time ramp and now we’re here to do the final thoughts of the arma outcast eight ass, for you guys who are new to the channel. Please go out and check out those videos. I’Ll have links to them in the description below, but i won’t be going through an unboxing or an overview of this truck because that’s already been done already guys. So this is typically how i do my videos in the format. So, typically, in our final thoughts, video we’ll go over electronics, drive, train handling and suspension, durability, workability support and the opinionated parts of the discussion. Is it worth it and would i buy it again? Electronics for this we’ll talk on the transmitter and receiver. This is now the transmitter that you get with some of the higher end arma lineup. The outcast 8s was the second rc to actually get the spectrum dx3 controller as an rtr. The first one was the creighton 1.5. So this is a new controller for the arma outcast 8s. I mean it feels good to the hands. Has a phone wheel. We talked more about this controller in the video for this rc during the unboxing check it out during that time, but in regards to performance, it did not cut out once it performed well, it was very responsive. It does have some minor telemetry features. We did not use it because i do not run spectrum batteries, so i did not utilize.

The telemetry features that it does offer on this, but i think it’s a great feature to have on this rc uh. As for the the limit controls, 50, 75 and 100 in regards to the throttle, once again, we did not use that on this truck uh. 100. All the time was used on this. Outside of that thought, it performed well thought it was. It feels good in the hand it’s much better than the you know, some of the other past controllers that they’ve provided with their rtr kits. I definitely will say that you know had no issues with this at all in regards to the receiver on. This did not cut out once from the transmitter thought it performed well, as for the 160 amp spectrum firma esc on there, i, as i said before guys, i didn’t really take advantage of the smart technologies that are offered on this truck when it comes to the Transmitter receiver, and as for the esc as well, did not have an issue with heat guys heat on this performed. Well, i will say in regards to the esc: we did change up and dial up some things on here, so i did change the punch setting on this truck and i did change the brake setting on this thought. It was a little low upped it a little bit and the performance did change. You’Ll notice that, towards the final, the final videos of this truck that the performance was a little bit different.

Did it change the overall speed of the truck, but did change how the chuck jumped off the line and how it performed and how it broke? As for the 1250 kv motor that’s in this truck, i thought it performed well and, as i said before, it did not have any heat issues whatsoever on this. As we start to go up in pinion sizes on this and i’ll talk a little bit more about that, we’ll see how it performs afterwards, but i did not have an issue with heat on this motor. The spectrum s905 metal gear servo just performed well guys. I did not have an issue, i thought it moved. These meaty tires very well um. I just think it’s an adequate server for this truck and it and it’s going to be able to handle very well for you from what i saw. It just moved. This truck very well guys i did not have an issue with the s905 drivetrain in regards to drivetrain on this guys. We’Re talking about the front drive shafts the rear, drive shafts we’re talking about the center drive shaft on this um we’re. Talking about the differentials front, differential center, differential and rear differential on this truck, we had no issues with the gears with the transmission on this vehicle whatsoever did not bent any drive. Shafts, you know front rear center, bent no drive shafts whatsoever, so the flex on this is perfect, guys you’re, not. I did not run into any of this.

I did get some air up on this truck and we had no issues in regards to drive shafts bending on this i’ve done landings with the rear down. I’Ve done landings with the front down, and you could probably see that from the body and the hood on this truck, that it did take some blows and it just handled it just held up. Well guys the drive train on this. I have had no issues, no issues with gears grinding anything needed to be shimmed, nothing whatsoever. The gears on this truck the drive train on this truck held up well handling and suspension here, is probably where i’ll stick on this one for a little bit and not so much on how it performed, because i thought the handling and suspension of how it performs The shocks on this are very plush. I thought it handled very well out of the box how it’s set up, but where i wanted to touch on in regards to handling and suspension those of you that are familiar with armas. You do know that the front is a pillar ball suspension and this is no different, but what i do find is that you know after a few runs you’ll see this, and this is because there’s, a pillow ball that’s actually loose on here. So you just have to go in and after a couple of runs or maybe after every run, just check them, and you may need to tighten them after a couple of runs and that’s.

What i found you know i didn’t have to tighten these. After all, the runs that i’ve ran on this uh, but a couple of those ones were rips and after the bashes take probably taking this up for two or three times doing the bashes. On this truck now i’ll say: i’ll have to adjust the the pillow ball. Suspensions on here, but outside of that it held up well guys, the other thing that you need to remember in regards to the links on the rear for the camber. I did have some landings where the where it actually bent in a little bit on the right side of the truck that you’ll have to adjust. I noticed that that seems to be a little bit of a a problem with it, because i don’t have that going on on this side. But i definitely have it going on on this side where it bent in it did not change the performance of the truck whatsoever. It still handles the same. I did not notice any difference with it bent in just a little bit on that side, but i do notice it when you look at the truck um. This happened right. After probably the first time i’ve taken it off the ramps that i noticed that it actually has that bent going in and i’ve ran it ever since, with that so go back and check the videos, you guys can see there’s no difference. When you see the truck running, it looks the same, it performs the same uh, but for aesthetics.

I will be making some adjustments to that link in the rear and for regards to the tires guys these tires hook up. Well, i mean these are probably the best uh tires that arma has in regards to the back flips, now put them on a truck this size, just magnified how good these tires actually are. I mean i had no issues with them. I will say that i did pre drill these tires uh so that it that did help out if there’s any ballooning, uh that some of you other guys are getting that did help out. For me, i’ve never ran the minute. I got this truck. I drilled holes in the tires it’s, something that i do with a lot of my armors. So for me i did not notice any ballooning whatsoever with them for you guys that are getting any issues like that. I would probably suggest doing the same thing just drilling. Some holes into the tires a minimum of two, a maximum of four because of the size of these tires. What i did is, i staggered. I did not drill them down the center of the tire. I did stagger the drill, so there’s one drill on one side here and then on the other side here it’s on the other side of the seam, so just so that you guys know what to do when you’re drilling them out. You guys can see the running videos that i have with this truck.

It stays planted guys. This thing does not roll the suspension just slides and moves with this truck. It just performs welland you guys, can see the videos and see what it what it does there durability, and you know, as i said, this probably goes back to the pillow balls and the the rear link. Yes, the rear link will bend in if you land awkwardly on the rear, uh. Yes, the pillow balls will come loose out over time and you will need to adjust them, but outside of that guys, i had no issues with this truck. This truck is still performing in the same manner that it performed when i first took it out of the box. I’Ve had no breakages, nothing on this truck, where i have to start tearing things down and doing some some serious work on this truck. It is performed and handled well. It has managed a lot of the bangs and drops and everything else that i’ve been doing on this truck and it’s handled well. Um i’ve had no problems with motor mount shifting or anything else happening with this truck. It has just performed well guys. I will say that the body is probably the one thing that has taken the probably the most beatings on this. My rear landings has bent the rear part of the body, and the front of this body has taken in a little. Has taken a considerable amount of damage, but for the most part, the body everything is held up.

Well, on this truck guys, i mean i really do enjoy what they’ve done to con to consistently manage the durability of these bigger trucks workability. Well, i don’t have much on this one guys. As i said, i have not done any work whatsoever on this truck uh in the coming months. When i start to do some, some maintenance on it i’ll come back and i’ll touch on the workability. If that does concur, but for the most part guys i’ve had no issues with destructor really touch on the workability portion of this discussion support during the timing of this truck, i have not had to reach out to horizon hobby. I know that there are some issues at the timing of this video with horizon hobby and some of their response times, mainly that’s, because they’ve also gone through a significant amount of transformations on their side and they’re still growing they’re still going through. Those growing pains of the transformation on their side so for support guys. I really have not had any reason to reach out to horizon hobby or arm on this i’ve seen online with tower hobbies with horizon hobbies that there is a significant amount of parts available for this. I will say that i’ve been to my hobby shop and in that part you know they. They are now slowly starting to ramp up in regards to inventory on the armor trucks in regards to parts not so much but, as i said, the online market, there is a ton of online parts available for this truck.

Is it worth? It is the armor outcast? 8S worth your 900 bucksand i have to say yes guys for everything that you’re getting in this truck the way this truck performs. I honestly feel and honestly have to say that this truck is worth it. I have found that this is the armor extra large scale that i wanted when they first released the armor creighton. I was not too enthused by that truck. I just felt that you know they would have came out with a short wheelbase monster, truck more what the what the community was looking for, and this is the truck i was looking for guys. This is exactly what i was expecting when they released a lot extra large scale monster truck. The only problem that i have with this truck is on the box. They call it a stunt truck the fact that when you take this truck out of the box, there is no stunt whatsoever in this truck. It is a very durable monster truck. It is a very fun monster truck. But if you compare this to taking out the arma outcast 4s, the arma outcast 6s, this and those trucks are completely different. You will need to definitely make some changes to this truck for it to perform like a stunt truck similar to the arma outcast, 4s and 6s, but that is my only issue, guys and that’s a personal thing for me. As i said, this is the opinionated part of the discussion, but i only you know.

My parts is that i wish, if they’re gon na, put stunt on the box that it performs like a stunt truck out of the box. Um that’s my only issue with it, but you know this is this has been a great truck for me and this rolls us into what i buy this again and i have to say guys, yes and they hit everything that i was looking for out of the Park, i mean everything i wanted a monster truck that flies well, a monster truck that rips well, has the it has sufficient enough power, does 40 miles per hour out of the box, everything that i’m looking for out of a truck this size, it gave it to Me, the only thing that i say is what they have on the box stunt, but i wasn’t really looking for this to be a stunt truck. I was looking for this just to be a extra large scale monster truck that’s. It stunt truck that’s a different story. I’Ve said what i had to say in reference to that part, but this is exactly what i was looking for now. The one thing that i will sayand this is kind of like me just crying out to armor right nowthe next truck armor i’d really like to see a one sixth scale: big rock crew cab or a granite that’s. It one sixth scale guys i’m asking for it: i’m asking for a one sixth scale, armor granite or armor big rock crew cap.

If you guys can do that would be it. I know a lot of guys like to say: is this an x max killer? I don’t even think this is compared to an x max. I would not even compare this to an x max. I think, if you’re looking for a truck that’s, just gon na pop wheelies and do it any on command, i think the x max is going to be what you want. But if you just want a solid monster truck that can fly that can rip. That can do everything that you want to do and hold up to all the poundings that you’re going to be able to put out to it. This is the truck you’re gon na want guys, i mean the x max. I love it to death. I love my x max, but i would not compare that to this. Nor would i say the reverse that i would say that hey this is an x max killer. It’S not and is, is the x max an outcast killer, it it’s not, but i will say that if they ever, if armor ever got it together and hit and hearing the community and came out with either a big rock crew cab, one sixth scale or or Granted it’s on traxxas it’s, definitely on at that point, i think right now. This is a truck in its own scale. If anything, it kills. I think this truck kills the creighton, because i would buy this over a creighton any day, all day, there’s no way.

If i was sitting thereand i was looking for an extra large monster truckand i saw thisand i saw the creightonwould i ever buy a creighton over this? This, for me, is the truck i’ve suggested to people several people that have asked me. What should i get a creighton, 8s or outcast, 8s and i’ve pointed this one, every time, all day, every day and it’s, just how this truck is performed for me and how i’ve enjoyed this truck. So much is why i will constantly suggest to people that they buy the arma outcast 8s, but that’s it guys. Please like comment and subscribe check us out on instagram for our latest post of the channel.